The Limitless
Life Experience

Build a business that lights you up from the inside out and allows you to live a life of limitless experiences

40% of all people report dreams of starting a business.
100% of those struggle with knowing where to start.
So what do you do?

So, you might become best friends with Google. Or perhaps “pick the brain” of other business owners. Try to get guidance from as many freebies as possible or you might even buy a book from Amazon…..(I did say might.)
But up until now have you found what it is you’re looking for?
Have you found the ‘little thing’ you need to help you find the confidence AND give you the knowledge to build the business and let’s face it, life of your dreams?
After lots of near misses….
Feeling lost in the dark….
Perhaps even hitting your head against the brick wall.
What do you do?
You give yourself permission to think smaller.
The aspirations become less about changing the world and more about paying the bills.
Just doing your ‘bit’.

And the dreams, the dreams you barely even want to acknowledge to yourself, you’ll put those on the back burner until….maybe….one day.

So the questions you start asking are the ones that focus on just getting those two extra clients, the magic blog strategy, the answer to cracking the Facebook Ads code (for free).

spoiler alert…that would be a


I know YOU.

I know you are a creative,
brilliant woman.

I know you want to make a deep
impact on your family, and on
the world around you.

I know that sometimes you’re flying, hitting your goals between the eyes, and then sometimes you’re consumed by self-judgements, self-doubt and a lack of belief about whether you really have what it takes to create a business that does more than just pay the bills.

You wonder if you’re really cut out for this ‘entrepreneurial life’.

You wonder if you should really just focus your attention on the kids until they’re a bit bigger.

You wonder if dreaming big, is just a silly old dream, when at the moment, sometimes it feels difficult to just pay the bills.


What if it’s time to remember what you REALLY want?
What if it’s time to remember who you REALLY are?

What if it’s time to live the life you want NOW?

Am I talking to you?

If deep down you know you can be playing a bigger game than you are right now? YES.

If you know that self-belief and a lack of confidence have been preventing you from being the person you know you can be in business and therefore in life. YES.

If you know that building a business that nourishes you and allows you to get paid takes courage and doing the ‘inner work’.

Then yes, I’m talking to you.

Just imagine it…

Your business and life lights you up from the inside.

You feel confident in your own skin. You finally believe in yourself as much as I do.

And you’re actually building a business and a life that works.
You give yourself permission to SOAR.

You write a new story that includes a business and a life of limitless amazing experiences.

You’ve done it, babe.


The Limitless Life

The Limitless Life Experience is not just another program or a course, it is what it says on the tin. A real life LIVE experience, with me there holding your hand every step of the way as you do the inner work you need to build a business that supports you living the life of your dreams from the inside out.

My client rate before LLE was £750, before we finished the last round I increased it to £1200 and booked clients at my new rate.

A few magical things happened with money during LLE. I also received 4K from the bank! And got all debt onto interest free balances.

- Olivia Southey

I set a really strong intention that if I was meant to do it, the money would be there and I would just take it month to month…

I joined…and it was the best decision I’ve ever made

Yesterday I had my best day in business EVER

I earned more money than I had in the previous 2 weeks…and I worked 2 hours.

The reason for this is that I truly stepped into who I am meant to be…I connected with what I am here to do and I connected with my dream clients

- Jennie Harrison

You will receive 3.5 beautiful months of online support as we walk, run, hop, skip and jump through this adventure TOGETHER. That’s right, this is not just another DIY, take your cash and leave you to it program, this is an experience and a stunning community. And I’m super proud to say that I can speak on behalf of the entire #Lifer posse when I say, we will all be walking hand in hand with you every week, right throughout each and every Adventure.

‘What Suzy? What is this high level of interactive support and laser coaching you allude to? Can this be for real?’

I hear you asking. Read on sister. I’m laying it all out below.

I’m serious and the game is awn!

It’s 3.5 glorious months of carefully crafted mindset, life and business support that will sky rocket your income, impact and your intention in ways you’ve yet to imagine.

The reason I’m so excited about the Experience is because I genuinely had not anticipated the huge number of shifts and massive amount of impact The Limitless Life Experience would have when I first imagined the idea. Although it felt scary, I took a stand for sharing the content that literally flowed out of my soul. And it wouldn’t be fair to say anything less than the Experience has been mind-blowing.

Mastery Blueprint™

Within this blueprint I have created life changing adventures for you to dive deep into and create the firmest of foundations for WHO you want to be and what you want to create in both your life and family.

Adventure 1:

The Connection Adventure

Where you will learn how to reconnect with yourself, your wants and your desires for your life and your business more deeply than you have ever done before.

Adventure 2:

Co-Creation Adventure

It’s easy to look at other people’s lives and think ‘that looks great for them, but not me. I’ll never be thin enough, smart enough or funny enough to make that happen.’ I want you to feel me and hear me and LISTEN when I say to you THAT IS NOT TRUE. You have to do the work to identify what it is you want and then take the aligned action required to allow that into your life. You CAN have what it is you desire. It’s just time to wake up and get conscious about allowing it in.

Adventure 3:

The Cash Adventure

Money blocks are one of the biggest things that hold back creative, heart centred, soulpreneurs like YOU. I’m going to share with you how you can start expanding your wealth consciousness and allow the Give and Receive Cycle to start impacting your life and business positively today. Allowing you to turn your dream into a reality.

Adventure 4:

The Courage Adventure

Once you know who you want to be, what you want, how to consciously create it and allow yourself to get paid for doing it – you need a healthy dose of confidence and courage to actually go out there and make it happen. During this adventure I’ll show you how courage is not just a choice but a muscle that you can start to strengthen and grow NOW.

The Miracle
Messaging Formula™

If you’re looking to create regular £5k months or even your first six figures in your business, I can tell you from experience you do not need to spend thousands of pounds on Facebook ads and getting yourself out there at all. You simply need to master your message and here’s exactly how you can do it.

Adventure 5:

The Motivation Adventure

We know WHO you want to be, we know what it is you WANT, and now we want to know WHY you want it. Most people stumble when it comes to thinking about why they’re choosing to do what they do. The way I will guide you through this adventure, you’ll be more equipped than ever before to not only share your ‘why’ with your potential clients, but use it as extra fuel to keep you focused when you have the inevitable down days.

Adventure 6:

The Magnetic Storytelling Adventure

You will have heard it said many times before only YOU can offer what you do. And whilst you might get this on an intellectual level, do you really know why only you can do what you do? I will be guiding you through a process that unpicks your unique life story and explain exactly why you are just so goddamn special and WHY ONLY YOU can do what you do!

Adventure 7:

The Membership Adventure

We go deep into how you can enrol your ideal clients with ease and grace. Yes, there’s a formula and no, it really doesn’t have to be hard! And whilst you will have definitely THOUGHT about your ideal client, I’ll be sharing with you the system I use with my ideal client. This system enables them to share content that calls their perfect clients in, on a daily basis, as they hone in on how to get into their heads, not just in one message…but with EVERY message they communicate.

The Spot Light

Now it’s time to step out of the shadows and be SEEN. It takes confidence, courage and some practical strategies to enable you to stand out from the rest of the pack consistently. This is what The Spot Light System is all about.

Adventure 8:

The Ease Adventure

How to tap into your feminine energy to allow yourself to step into the spotlight with ease and grace. We say NO to push, push, push and YES to the flow. You’ll learn how to release the blocks that have prevented you from stepping forward in the past and where and how it is best for you to get the word out about your brilliance.

Adventure 9:

The Elevate Adventure

I will show you how to side step the paralysing comparison-itus that keeps people playing the small game. And the system you can swipe to create alliances that will increase your reach and elevate your expertise simultaneously.

Adventure 10:

The Energize Adventure

Energy is everything and everything is energy. How to become an expert energizer in both your personal and professional life. Understanding how to zoom in on the energy of the person you desire to be, is a big part of the puzzle when it comes to sharing your voice and passion for what you do in a way that leaves you glowing and your potential clients dying to work with you.

The Mindful
Momentum System™

Tell me that you’re not used to doing the two-step shuffle in your business and I’ll give you a medal! Because even with the fast growth I have experienced over the last 3 years, it’s easy to find yourself going two steps forward and one step back. Sound familiar? Read on….

Adventure 11:

The Feelings Adventure

Taking your understanding of your feelings and emotions to a whole new level. As a person who wants to create a life and business with soul, I know you already know that listening to YOUR feelings and your body is a must. However, distinguishing between the discomfort of new beginnings and knowing when to pull back is an art AND a practice. I’m going to share with you how to tell the difference so you stop sabotaging your growth.

Adventure 12:

The Focus Adventure

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a penchant for shiny new objects, and a new flavour of the month every month, you and the word FOCUS might not be best friends…yet. But with limited time and world to go about changing, with a few small tweaks to your approach, you’ll be getting more of the important things done in less time. Leaving you with more freedom to indulge in new hobbies or just have FUN doing the things you love. Focus and fun? Who knew?

Adventure 13:

The Flow State Adventure

Ever heard of Superflow? If not, you’re about to get super friendly with it. Superflow is the state of being you want to be in when shit just flows. It’s how you feel when you allow yourself to get out of your head and into your body and allow the inspiration and creativity to just ooze. Sound good? It is. This is the anti-push movement that will keep you growing, both personally and professionally as you move your business up and onto the next level, with grace and ease.

The Alchemy
Activation Method™

Now don’t get me wrong, right throughout this experience I will have shared with you the tools, techniques and strategies I have paid thousands of pounds to learn and put my time into mastering them. However, during this adventure I pull out the big guns, to leave you more prepared and ready than you have ever been as you go into 2018 ready to rule the world.

Adventure 14:

The Miracle Adventure

Can you imagine what life would feel like if you knew that you could create miracles on demand? Well guess what?

A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a change in perception. As we work through this adventure you’ll be able to identify and release the blocks that have kept you stuck acting from your head so you can lead with your heart in a way that creates magic wherever you go.

Adventure 15:

The Mindfulness Adventure

While mindfulness and meditation are not new things, and don’t worry if it’s never been ‘a thing’ for you, I’m going to be sharing my tricks and tips here for you so you can turn up the dial and transform your mindfulness into a magical manifestation activity. And who doesn’t want that?

Adventure 16:

The Mastery Adventure

While some people will have you believe that it will take you years to become a master at anything, I’m here to show you that that’s not the case. And in this final adventure I’m going to share with you 3 advanced manifestation lessons that have the capacity to quantum leap your expansion and catapult you in 2018 in the exact position you need to be for a whole new year of success.

This program is 50% mindset, 50% hardcore strategy using the exact tools, focus and strategy I’ve used to double my income in the last year taking me to multiple six figures. And of course, everything I had to let go of to take me to £100K in 3 years.

You don’t need ‘all of the things’ to get you to hitting consistent £5K months.

You need a powerful message.
A great strategy.
And a shit tonne of mindset work.

And where it all starts is with the inner work.

It’s time to stop looking outside of yourself and go within, so you can find the answers you really need to excel.

Please note this is a LIVE experience where you will get live access to me twice a week. When I first told my coach, I was including this in the service she told me I should triple the investment required and I said no. My favourite times of the week are being able to give additional personalised support to the LLE family. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to dig deeper into the adventures, fire any questions that have come up for you and whenever you need it get really personalised tailored support. These are our W.O.W (Watch Out World) sessions and they rock!

Our W.O.W calls take place on Zoom, so we can talk directly to each other and you’ll get everything you need to succeed. (When I say I’ll be holding your hand, I mean it!)

Can’t make the live calls? Don’t worry, just submit your questions beforehand and wait for the recording to be uploaded to our private membership area.

Bonus 1
Expert Masterclass with

Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach

Cailen’s philosophy is to work Less, make more, live better. The 3-day workweek started after she had her first daughter — and that year her business took off! That was 3 years ago and now she teaches other entrepreneurs how to design their own ideal workweek that makes sense for their lives and businesses. In this expert masterclass Cailen will be helping you to find the perfect design and how to implement it on your work week too.

Bonus 2
Pre-Recorded Expert Masterclass with

Daire Paddy, Content Strategist

Daire is my own content strategist/manager/queen and I LOVE HER. She works with entrepreneurs to figure out how they want to be showing up in the world and then makes that happen. In this masterclass, you’ll get all her amazing tips for writing website copy that SLAYS, so you never need worry about blending into the background again.

Bonus 3
Expert Masterclass with

Michelle Simmonds, Energy clearer and my personal business intuitive

Michelle is my own person energy clearer, healer, uplifter and intuitive and I LOVE her. Her job is to guide brilliant women to a place of unwavering strength in their business and life. Through helping women combine their mindset, intention and their energy. She really is amazing and you get the opportunity of a group clearing session.

Bonus 4

Access to my Content Creation Mini-Course

Value £297

I share my exact formula for creating e-courses, blogs, freebies, talks any kind of content you can might possibly require to help get your message out into the world! The content in this course is magic and is EASILY worth £297

It is yours for FREE!

Bonus 5

Cheeky bonus number

Over 20 Wow Calls from the first round of the interview so you can get a daily dose of inspiration from myself and the group. There’s gold in them there recordings I tell you.

The Limitless Life Experience is about creating a business that feels “right”, without marketing madness, comparisonitis or constant “hustle mode”.

It’s time to start dreaming again and allow yourself to dream big.
You get to create your dream life NOW.

You just have to choose it.

And the best part? The answer is not inside
some complex marketing matrix, it’s in YOU.

The day that I decided that I would give myself permission to do what it takes, to be the person I wanted to be, was the day that this quiet dream, became a BIG ROARING REALITY.

It hasn’t always been easy, and it won’t always be easy for you either.
I get that you’re full to the brim with brilliant ideas and so sick of feeling unable to execute them.
I get that you’re tired of feeling like, I know it’s possible for them, but doubting it’s possible for you.
I get that sometimes it just feels too fucking hard… but do you know what will be worse than that feeling?
Giving up. Or even worse? Staying on this same path and not getting what you deserve out of it for the next 5, 10, 15 years.
If there’s one thing I need you to know, it’s that you have this inside you.
You have the power to bring your biggest dreams to life, and live in a world of your own design.

so, are you ready to find out how all this can be yours?

Gold Membership

  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community
  • The weekly content delivery
  • 2x weekly W.O.W.calls (+ recordings)

+ My 5 Roadmaps

• The Mindshift Mastery Blueprint
• The Miracle Messaging Formula
• The Spot Light System
• The Mindful Momentum Model
• The Alchemy Activation Method

+ My Bundle of
Brilliant Bonuses

• 3 Day Work Week Masterclass with Cailen Ascher
• Content Strategy Masterclass with Daire Paddy (pre-recorded)
• Energy Clearing Masterclass with Michelle Simmonds
• Content Creation Mini-Course with me, Suzy Ashworth
• Daily Inspiration: WOW call recordings

Single Investment £1750 Enrol Now!

Three Instalments of £650Enrol Now!

Twelve Instalments of £159Enrol Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes we do, please see above.

What if I’m away for part of the programme?
You will receive lifetime access to all training materials, including call recordings, so you can work through everything at your own pace.

How much access will I have to you?
If you purchase the Gold Membership you will have access to me in our private Facebook community, as well as during our twice weekly W.O.W. calls. If you purchase the VIP Membership you will have access to me during a monthly one-on-one call, plus unlimited support via Messenger. You will also find me in our private Facebook community and on our twice weekly W.O.W. calls.

Is this programme only for women?
Yes, women only this time around.

Do you offer refunds?
We have a 14-day refund policy.

I’m currently working with another coach, is this still for me?

It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 30 mins of coaching- Suzy is wonderful, grab the opportunity to have a bit of coaching with her! She asks the right questions to really make you think and decide what you want for yourself and for your business. A must if you’re a bit lost or not getting what(you think) you want.

- Saveria Upcraft

I just wanted to say for anyone on the fence about signing up to LLE – DO IT!

When LLE came about i knew I needed to do it, instead of asking for permission to invest in myself I DID IT, I put it on my credit card and I knew 100% that I was going to pay it off myself and I did in way less time than I’d planned and with change!

Before I’d even logged in to teachable for the first adventure there was a HUGE shift!

The content is amazing!

- Leah Freeman

Rest assured, I am not in the business of selling snake oil.
The Limitless Life Experience is the exact formula I’ve used to make £200k in just over 3 years. But hey, it’s not all about me.

It’s about helping you share your message both personally AND professionally.
And I want that music flowing through your entire business, so that you can create, serve and profit in a way that lights. you. up.
Because… listen up.
We are in business to build AMAZING lives, funded by aligned, authentic, profitable businesses that help us live a life without limits.

so, are you ready to find out how all this can be yours?

Gold Membership

  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community
  • The weekly content delivery
  • 2x weekly W.O.W.calls (+ recordings)

+ My 5 Roadmaps

• The Mindshift Mastery Blueprint
• The Miracle Messaging Formula
• The Spot Light System
• The Mindful Momentum Model
• The Alchemy Activation Method

+ My Bundle of
Brilliant Bonuses

• 3 Day Work Week Masterclass with Cailen Ascher
• Content Strategy Masterclass with Daire Paddy (pre-recorded)
• Energy Clearing Masterclass with Michelle Simmonds
• Content Creation Mini-Course with me, Suzy Ashworth
• Daily Inspiration: WOW call recordings

Single Investment £1750 Enrol Now!

Three Instalments of £650Enrol Now!

Twelve Instalments of £159Enrol Now!

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