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Welcome welcome again to The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, today I have the absolute pleasure of talking to Shayla Locklear. She is the Founder/Owner of ShaylaUnlmtd, The EmailUnlmtd Agency, and Unlmtd Brands LLC, a business coach and marketing consultant. She teaches high performance, multi-passionate, service-based entrepreneurs and corporations worldwide how to grow, scale, and add leverage inside of their businesses in non-traditional ways. She is passionate about personal development, using energy, soul, and intuition in business, marketing, copywriting, and helping entrepreneurs build wealth and create their legacy through their businesses.


In this episode we talk about meeting in tree houses, quantum healing, expanding consciousness and being able to finally claim and own who you are and what you are meant for.


We dig into how other people’s energetic disbelief can hold you back and how we are so NOT into that life. As well as running multi six figure businesses while homeschooling kids and having an actual life as well.


If you’re even slightly leaning towards any of the things we talk about I highly recommend that firstly you run and listen to the whole episode (and then subscribe if you haven’t already, of course) and next up go and stalk connect with Shayla here.




  • 01.25 Who is Shayla
  • 9.23 The transition to allow spirituality in to Shayla’s business
  • 30.31 The power of mothers
  • 35.59 The eternal struggle of diving your attention
  • 42.36 Where to find Shayla




  • “I don’t look at fear as a bad thing […] I’m just trying to calibrate my energy to this new energy.”
  • “In order for me to push forward, I’ve learned that I don’t strive for balance in my life […] My goal is harmony.”
  • “Nobody has it together as much as you think that they do.”


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