Are you a coach, consultant, author or speaker who knows you’re awesome at what you do, but is still looking for something more?

Are you running an online business, but struggling to create the level of limitlessness and freedom you desire in your home and work life? The kind that will allow you to be fully self expressed, and achieve the results you constantly and consistently crave with ease, grace and flow?

Yes? Then I have a question for you:

What’s the biggest difference between a person who harnesses their vision and mission and turns even their wildest dreams into their reality, and a person who is waiting to feel “ready”, or “good enough”, or for “the right opportunity to arise”?

If you guessed it’s because the first person meditates religiously for 793 minutes a day – you’d be wrong. 

If you guessed it’s because they have found the perfect marketing strategy/tactic that works every single time, without fail – you’d definitely be wrong. 

And if you guessed it’s because they decided to invest in the latest hypnotherapy or NLP sessions – sorry, still wrong.

The difference is…

When a person is tired of not fully living up to their potential, they choose to have faith in themselves, and take action.

Faith without action and expecting miracles, is like trying to drive a Tesla with only 3 wheels. Totally and utterly impossible, because you’re missing a key component…

But if you’re anything like I was in the early stages of building my biz, it’s also like doing this, and focussing on the fact that you aren’t getting anywhere, rather than seeing the POTENTIAL in the situation, that you will be able to drive a mother freaking TESLA, as soon as you find and fit a wheel…


That before long, you will be driving one of the most ethical, ethological cars in the WORLD.


So next time you catch yourself listening to the voice of your inner critic, doubting yourself, second guessing yourself, or stuck in the comparison trap…


Next time you catch yourself feeling fearful of the judgement of others, fearful of failure, or worse – fearful of what success might look like…

I want you to stop

I want you to stop and consider how far you’ve come already. The amount of personal and professional development you’ve already done. The late nights and early mornings – all the times you’ve grafted to take one step further in the direction of your dreams. To make one move closer to your final destination.

And then ask yourself this:

Isn’t it about time you opened yourself up to instead of closing yourself off from receiving exactly what you want in your life?


Isn’t it about time you stopped rejecting, and starting accepting it?


Isn’t it about time you got out of your own way?

Your time is now

Meet Jude Turner

Social Media Mentor

Meet Nicky Clinch



You walk into an auditorium, and you’re speaking on stage in front of a thousand women.

You are one of the top people in your industry.

The only feeling you have in your stomach is one of fluttering butterflies, of excitement… because this is where you’re supposed to be.

And it feels normal.

You’re selling from the stage, looking into the eyes of a sea of strangers, and when it comes to inviting people to take the next step, you have never felt cooler, calmer, more collected.

You expect to see them jumping out of their seats to make sure they get that one-on-one time with you, because that’s just the way that it is.

You don’t just feel magnetic, you ARE magnetic.

You attract clients quickly and easily all the time.

And when you pick up the phone to share the news with your partner, you can feel the pride bursting from their chest. As you put the phone down, you notice tears rolling down your cheeks.

This is the life that you created.

That you co-created. You designed it. You’re living it. And you’re really freaking loving it.

You know you’re in the right place (at the right time), and you no longer believe that you might be good enough if you could just [fill in the blank].

What would it feel like to know that you’re not just good enough, but ready NOW?

Look babe: your highest, most magnetic self is waiting for you.

What we’re talking about here is becoming your most activated self, and living into your limitless potential. I’m going to share with you how you can flick the switch to ON… whilst also switching off the old stuff that has been holding you back from fully expressing this version of yourself.

But first, let’s get into…

5 of the biggest traps that are keeping you from living limitlessly and manifesting everything you deeply desire in your business.

1. The Logic Trap

These are the times when you have been unsure about what the next step should be, so you create a pros and cons list so you can logically work out a sensible decision, because ‘using your brain’ is way more smart when it comes to getting ahead than following your heart.

But the problem with using your mental brain (a.k.a. your mind) when making decisions that you want to take you beyond what your normal frame of reference is… your mental brain wants to keep you safe. Your mental brain doesn’t want you to take a risk and aim for limitlessness. But what about your emotional brain (a.k.a. your body), or your spiritual brain (a.k.a. your soul)? When people know when to use their mental brain and when and how to go beyond it – it changes everything!

2. Your Goals

You’re either a goal-setting Queen with a million and one to do lists (that never quite get done because you put too much on your plate)…

OR you kicked your goals to the kerb a while ago, because a list of tasks you know for SURE you can’t cross off doesn’t exactly work wonders for your self-esteem.

Truth be told, I stopped traditional goal setting a while ago. Even when you switch things up (and do something like the 90 Day Year Method) it can leave you feeling flat, because it relies on you being in control freak mode to make it happen.

It means that even when you hit your goals, you feel tired and as though everything has been really hard work. And then you’re on to planning the next lot… it’s anything but freedom. It’s being bound to structured success.

You need to find a system that creates space, grace, ease and flow for your vision to come to life, so you feel good on the journey and not just once you get to the destination. You don’t want to burn yourself out on the way.

3. You thought it was all about Law of Attraction

The Secret has a lot to answer for. Don’t get me wrong The Law of Attraction has helped me make many things manifest in my life… as I’m sure it has you too.

Perhaps you’ve done a lot of visualising or vision boarding, listening to Abraham Hicks, meditating, tapping, not thinking negative thoughts, not thinking negative thoughts, NOT THINKING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS…

…and perhaps sometimes you’ve gotten results, and sometimes you haven’t.

And perhaps, when you’re really honest with yourself, you know that you’re capable of more than what you have created in the past or have been creating right now.

Yeah – you know it. So why hasn’t it been showing up? 

The thing is – we can absolutely attract good things into our lives, but we also sometimes have to go out and get them. Faith without action does not equal miracles.

4. The ‘good enough’ complex

This is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, you think you’re doing all right, you’ve better off than most people are… and so you count your blessings and just keep on doing what you’re doing. You thank your lucky stars. You have an attitude of gratitude.

But on the other hand, you just can’t escape the voice that says “you’re just not good enough”.

“You could be better at this”. 

“This is just too hard for you, you’re not cut out for it”. 

“When are you just going to get over yourself?”

“Do you really think you’re capable of achieving all that and being a great wife and mum?” 

The truth is, one of the biggest blocks to your elevation is not knowing how to release these negative ways of thinking and feeling which impact how you behave. BUT when you are able to do this, when you’re able to embrace your brilliance (and accept your flaws)… that’s when you’ll get results that will blow your freaking mind.

5. The time and energy trap

You’re really freaking busy. If you’re not running around, doing #allofthethings in your business – CEO, marketing manager, admin assistant, finance officer, social media exec… you get the picture – you’re keeping on top of things in your home and personal life.

The first person the kids shout when they need something is you, the person that’s expected to remember all of the family birthdays is you, as well as that of so and so’s daughter who’s having a socially distanced party that you totally forgot to buy fairy cakes for. And guess what? Even if you had the time (which right now you don’t)… what you’d ideally want to use those extra hours and minutes for would be SLEEP.

When you’re doing #allofthethings and can’t really see an alternative, of course you don’t have the energy to do even more things… or so you think right now.

Here’s what you have learnt about energy…

You know that when you walk into a room where there’s been an argument, without anyone uttering a word, you will feel the bad vibes.

And it’s the same when someone who is filled with light walks into a room – you immediately know that you want to be closer to them. 

Here’s what you haven’t been taught about energy…

How to become a light magnet. A beacon of light that attracts people, places and things that you want WITHOUT needing to create more time. We’re talking about becoming an activator, so that people feel like they need to be around you, just because you’re you. No extra minutes, hours, days, weeks or longer required.

Meet Ali Mapletoft

Mentor & Designer / Creator at Age of Reason Studios


I need to celebrate the energy I’ve had since Suzy Ashworth quantum healing session. I feel amazing about selling!

I’ll be honest, I’m only 50% woo. It comes and goes for me, and when I read the word” “Quantum” I thought of 2 things:

Thing 1) Professor Brian Cox the Foxy Physicist 😂

Thing 2) That TV series from the 90s where a scientist gets catapulted into different people’s bodies throughout history. (I loved that show).

So, I was completely new to the process, and a little bit resistant. The real surprise for me was how quickly the session got started and the work began shifting big stuff.

Suzy helped me to move so many old blocks around selling, my voice, and receiving from other women.

I had not really got cracking at all with April sales when I had the session on 24th April. By the 30th I had smashed my £15K goal again and most of the sales work was done in the 5 days after the session. It’s like something was unleashed. ✨ ⚡️

Want the good news?

Running a business and manifesting a life where you feel totally freed and limitlessness IS totally available for you.

(Yes – even when you have tried it ALL before.)

If you’re still reading this, you’re here for 1 of 2 reasons. Or maybe both. 

The first: you already know that you can’t wait for the penny to drop anymore, because you don’t have time to waste. You’re ready to shine brightly. For your family… and for yourself. 

The second: you know the world is a different place from what it was 3 months ago. And that it’s now crunch time. As many people wander around lost in their fear of not knowing what to do, or how to survive, never mind thrive, you know that planet earth and the people on it need your leadership now more than ever.

And maybe you have always felt like this, actually – but just have never known HOW to make it happen.

How can you make it happen?

…with the quantum co-creation method, I teach in The Gateway

By following this process you will get to:

Become a master of your energy so you feel great from the inside out, and embody the type of person who just seems to shine.
Learn how to strengthen your energetic field so you can be a manifestation magnet.
Alchemise the old stories you’ve spun and beliefs you have that have blocked you from co-creating with the universe in the most abundant way.
Increase your current field of vision so you can create intentions (you’ll never need or want to set a traditional goal again!).
Attract more of your dreamboat clients who want to pay you premium rates, because they see the value of your work. Clients who match your new vibrational frequency.
Learn how to go beyond your mind, activating enhanced levels of ideation, creation and intuition as you learn how to accelerate the speed at which you are able to step into the highest version of you.
Create deeper and wider impact in the world as you become an Activator, finally giving yourself permission to embody divine self expression. No more holding back.

Yes all of the above is totally possible for you in your personal and professional life.

But only when you’re prepared to get comfortable being uncomfortable, going above and beyond what you think and feel to be true, to open yourself up to a whole new way of looking at yourself, others and the world.

Meet Ray Dodd

Money & Business Coach

Meet Polly Lavarello

Digital Strategist

What do I know?

Hey Lovely,

My name’s Suzy Ashworth. Mum of three kids under the age of 9, wife to long suffering husband Jerome, and owner of a 14 year old dog named Candy. 

My guilty pleasure is Bravo TV, I’m obsessed with The Real Housewives series (Beverly Hills, followed by Atlanta), and at 42 I know I’m way too old for Vanderpump Rules… but Liiiiiiisssa. 

When I’m not down tooling with the kids or binge watching the Housewives, I’m more commonly known for being a Hay House author, speaker and multiple, six-figure, serial entrepreneur. You’ll find me working with clients on creating quantum shifts in their lives and business. And with whatever time I have left, I’m studying, from Quantum Healing to the Akashic Records, my nose is basically in anything related to energy and 5D manifestation and transformation.

Before lockdown, my husband and I decided to take our kids out of school in the UK and move to Mexico for a year. 16 months later we’re still here. It’s been the most fun and exciting time of our lives as a family. 

I’ve learned how to create quantum leaps in my life and business. Leaps that involved being invited to speak on stage in front of 1500 women, being joined on stage by 70 women in their underwear, and generating £300K in one weekend. That’s why I created The Quantum Co-Creation Method. So you can do the same.

Featured in

Meet Kate Taylor

Qoya Queen and Transformational Coach

It was such a yes from me, and an easy one too. The value you give is phenomenal. The way you deliver content; no BS and FUN. You got into my needs so clearly and helped me reconnect and re-identify what it is that I wanted to achieve with my work. You helped me find my way back. I love the Practical, the mindset and the spiritual. I mean, it’s all there in a glorious package. I also know you’re not going to take any BS from my ego and that makes me utterly accountable for the work.

Meet Nicola Rae-Wickham

Creative Mentor & Founder of A Life More Inspired

Because you see the highest version of me and hold me to that, you cut through the BS but its all done with love. You’re real, open-hearted, soul-led and make things make sense to me. You lead by example and you care deeply and I feel that through the screen as much as I do in-person. X x

What would you do, lovely, if you could do absolutely anything at all?

Haha – stop right there.

Don’t try to talk yourself out of this exercise.

Allow yourself to think about it. Give yourself permission to feel into it.

I want to know what would really make you tick. What would really get you going. What would set your soul on fire. What would light up your life.

Because here’s the thing: you CAN do anything. You CAN do everything.

If you believe me – great.

But if you don’t – okay then, just humour me for a minute, ok?

Just go with it, and see where your mind and heart take you.

…maybe you’d travel and live a laptop lifestyle as I do, taking your work and your family all around the world?

…maybe you’d share your story – the one you usually keep to yourself, or for your closest family and friends – with the WORLD so you can help people who are going through what you did?

…maybe you’d submit your book proposal, or if you haven’t yet, be brave enough to put pen to paper (or your fingertips to a keyboard, should I say?) to freaking WRITE it?

…maybe you’d step on stage to give the talk you’d prepared?

…maybe you’d stop waiting for opportunity to knock, and start banging down doors on your own. Maybe you’d approach people and ask to be interviewed on their podcast? Maybe you’d reach out to online publications? Or maybe even magazines or newspapers to get yourself some PR?

…or maybe you don’t want to be quite as ‘high profile’ as that – maybe even being able to post openly and honestly on your feed, or keep it candid on Instagram story, feels sooo far out of your reach right now, that that’s all you hope and dream of being able to do to create connections and nurture relationships with dreamboat clients.

All of this is available to you and more, my love.

It really, truly is.

And with that being said, I’d like to ask – how would it feel?

How would it freaking FEEL?

Would you feel free?

Would you feel limitless?

Would you feel unstoppable?

That’s how I feel, after following The Gateway process.


Where deep personal transformation meets quantum manifestation

6 Week online quantum group coaching program
8th June – 13th July

Crush the shizzle that’s been blocking you from limitlessness and creating quantum leaps in your life and business, with the only quantum program that touches all 4 of Pillars of Transformation with the Quantum Co-Creation Method™.

After feeling stuck at the same level, despite doing ‘the work’…


…after reading every personal and professional development book there ever did be – from The Secret through to Joe Dispenza… 


…after tapping… 




…and still not feeling able to receive the results I really wanted… I knew it was time to do something differently. I knew there was more available to me than what I was asking for, or allowing myself to have.

When I did what I’m about to share with you, everything changed.

I learned how the 4 Pillars of Transformation could be used independently and together to create Quantum results like those £300K weekends, that felt easy as breathing, walking and talking… and I knew I had to share.

Okay. Let’s play…

Gate 1

The Alchemy Portal

Where limiting beliefs, thoughts and experiences come to die as you learn how to release fears, clearing your physical body and creating an uninterrupted channel for manifestation.

In this first gate I will introduce you to the Quantum Flow Method, an embodiment manifestation process that will allow you to take the energy of old wounds, triggers and emotional trauma and release these through the body. You’ll work on the physical plane to clear the old outdated way of thinking. Expect to experience more inner freedom and joy (clarity too!) as you magnetise your intentions, hopes, dreams, wishes and desires to you at quantum speed.

One of the biggest issues with most manifestation processes is they do not include specific practices that clear the channel before inviting energy into it, leaving you unclear as to why you’re still blocking yourself, even when you have done ALL of the work.

Gate 2

Vision Ignition Process

How does a person upgrade their goals and intentions AND actually hit them without almighty meltdowns, anxiety, depression, stress or burning out?

By opening up your vision scope. Seeing beyond the here and now and looking through the eyes of your most expressive, expansive self by tapping into your pineal gland. 

Now, most people are setting goals and intentions based on what they have done before. That’s old news and bad for business – unless you get excited by ‘Steady Eddy’ incremental growth. If you’re looking to Quantum Leap, you have to expand… this is what Vision Ignition™ and the Identity Transformation™ process is all about. 

You step into The Gate your old self and walk out a whole new you. 

Are you ready?

Gate 3

Superconscious and Voice Activation™ Unification

Typically, you might have associated talking to yourself with funny looks from strangers. Now – talking yourself (your highest self) is mandatory.

In Gate 3 you will dive deep into the energetic plane to tap into Universal Intelligence, whilst simultaneously activating your own innate knowledge blueprints that empower you to take the next steps in your life and business with quiet confidence. 

This is the gate where you get to explore the deep trust of self and the support of your 5D guides. 

The number one failure people encounter when developing their intuitive abilities overthinking. Of not being able to listen to their hearts or trust their guts.

You’ll learn a simple but potent process for connecting with your highest self and being able to tell the difference between when your ego has hold of the reigns and when your soul does – fear not.

Gate 4

Co-Creative Universe

For anyone who thought that manifesting the life and business of their dreams was down to a great meditation practice… welcome to Gate 4.

You will go deep into the 7 stages of manifestation, learning how you can tap into your 7 bodies and 3 brains, on the physical, conscious, subconscious and energetic planes. All to create more limitless ease, grace and flow as you expand into master manifestation.

When you are truly in the zone of manifestation, you can feel the connection to yourself, others, source and the vibrational upgrade in your body. You know when it has ‘dropped’ in. In Gate 4 you will learn the process of how I can tell the difference between wishing and hoping, versus co-creating on demand, combining both the physical and energetic planes.

Gate 5

Leadership Activation

Activate your next level of leadership as the world demands you step into all that you have been hiding by playing small.

As you dive deeper into how to keep upleveling your identity as your vision and mission continues to evolve, you will create your very own leadership crystal used to power up your ability to attract dreamboat clients. All alongside exploring exactly what is required to activate your Leader, Magician, Warrior and Lover archetypes. 

As you embrace your inner leader, you create a forcefield of your own. 

The world is asking for a new type of leader. That person is you. What is required is the releasing of self-doubt so you can expand into expert status and attract clients to give guidance with next level confidence.

Gate 6

Abundance Illumination Activation

Here I share with you 12 Strand DNA activation, which will help you create clarity, radiance and vibrance across all of your energetic planes. We’ll tap into new wealth consciousness codes and templates.

I used to think that I had to contract to expand, and heck – I have even taught my clients that in the past. But what if you didn’t? What if your container for abundance could continue to grow and grow and grow? Now it can. 

We will not only increase your capacity for growth on the energetic plane by activating your 12 strands of DNA, but through Gate 6’s teaching work on the conscious plane to show you exactly which outdated stories you can catch and alchemise into a whole new template for your continued growth.

You got questions? We got answers

Do I need to be into the ‘woo’ and spirituality to get the most out of The Gateway?

You absolutely don’t have to have had a history with spirituality to feel at home here, BUT you do need to believe that you are going to be able to tap into something above and beyond yourself and you do need to keep an open mind. How I created massive leaps in my life and business was going beyond what I already thought and felt I knew or could ever know, and what made sense or was logical. So if you’re down with that vibe, you’ll love The Gateway.

What does ‘Quantum’ mean?

Quantum means making a massive leap or advancement. Would you like to do that?

What is the time commitment?

We are going to be running live classes for 90 minutes to 2 hours on a Monday night from 8pm. Each week we will start with a Quantum Flow session that will run for half an hour, designed to complement and activate the work for the week on a physical level (so giving yourself an additional 30 minutes to do your own Quantum Flow practice would be great). The rest is about lifestyle. My intention is that you incorporate what I teach you into your everyday life and so how deep you want to go and how much of it you want to put in, is up to you. There will be journaling questions that you can ask yourself but no traditional e-course work. There will be additional bonus sessions, some will be live others recorded, all content will be available in the membership zone for life.

Is this a business course?

Noooooooooo it’s not. Whilst my intention is that you will be able to make quantum leaps in your business when it comes to wealth and finance OR wherever you are choosing to focus your attention, this course is not a strategy or tactic based marketing course at all. This program is about unlocking the thing or things that keep/s you stuck in your ‘human’ fear, doubt, comparison, limited thinking and feeling, and sharing with you the practical tools and techniques that’ll help you step into your quantum, 5D, limitless, free self. Your business will benefit, your health will benefit, your relationships will benefit…. but this program is about clearing your shit out of the way so you can step into next level co-creations.

I struggle with meditation, will this work for me?

While I certainly will riff on the power of meditation and visualisation, this program is not based on those things. I share with you the 4 Pillars of transformation so we get to work on the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the energetic field and the physical plane. I have used multiple tools to support people in creating their breakthroughs and introduce multiple different tools in this program so there are many things to support everyone especially if meditation and visualisation isn’t your thing.

Will this work for me? I’ve tried everything and I am still blocked?

The answer to this question is have you applied all four pillars of transformation to your self development process? If not – that’s why you’ve been stuck. You may have tried everything BUT if you don’t have the 4 pillars layered together that is the precise reason that so many people feel as though you do. Head, brick wall, much? And that is exactly why The Gateway is different.

I’ve just started another program and don’t have time for this now, can I wait until the next time?

Of course you can. I don’t know when next time will be and I don’t know how much the investment will be, but of course you can wait. But if you’re interested in changing your whole relationship with time, so you no longer feel at the mercy of it as you operate from a place of superflow, I think creating 6 + more months of, feeling under pressure of working against the clock every day sounds like fingers scraping along a blackboard….and I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely not available for that.

Will this help me with my comparisonitus, feeling blocked when it comes to making the next step, analysis paralysis, receiving more income, learning how to share my voice confidently even though I’ve felt stuck for years?

Yaaaasaassssss. This is exactly what The Gateway is about, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Until you can remove the blocks that have been holding you back you’ll make the whole process of calling in what you want that much harder. But it doesn’t need to be that way, this is what the Four Pillars of Transformation are about, clearing the way so you can be a channel for Quantum Co-Creation, manifesting a world and opportunities that leave you looking at your own life in mouth wide open in awe.

When does the program start?

Orientation week begins on the 1st of June, when you will gain access to the Facebook Group and access to the Fear to Freedom Conscious Transformation Program.

How is the program delivered?

We meet for 6 weeks online via zoom for live classes in your home, sessions will last from 90 minutes to 2 hours. Each session will start with a 30 minute Quantum Flow session, so get your comfy clothes out.

You know you’re ready to receive Quantum manifestations and results in your business if:

You’ve already stepped one foot into learning about the quantum field and how you can use it to manifest your desires in record time and you’re ready to immerse yourself in magic, without trying to work out what the best next step is on your own. 


You’re finally ready to look at where you have been holding yourself back subtly and overtly and to look that shizzle in the face and finally know that, now is the time to let it go.   


You have a big mission that is bigger than you and you know it’s time to expand fully into now – not in six months’ time. .


You already know that you’re ready to create and live life from a 5D limitless perspective, instead of a 3D limited perspective. 


You recognise the world is changing and there’s never been a better time to take your place in the world as a leader that is ready to make a legacy impact that is going to change the world in the best possible way. 


You’re ready to step into the only personal development program that combines ALL four pillars of transformation AND The Quantum Co-Creation Method ™ to create life changing results in record-breaking time frames.         

The Gateway is not for you if:

You are looking for a strategic marketing action plan. 


The idea of harnessing your cosmic universal power to co-create effortlessly with the universe leaves you rolling your eyes, rather than feeling excited about what the hell that even means. 


Your favourite sentence is, ‘I know but’.


Meet Persia Lawson

Author, Speaker & Love Coach

Still here?

I get it… you want more?

Here’s the thing, by this point you already know that the biggest difference between the person who is effortlessly co-creating quantum manifestations and turning their dreams into reality and the person who is still waiting is. It all comes down to finally letting go of the shiz that stops you from fully embodying your quantum self. It’s that simple. 

So let’s get really real.

If you’re an entrepreneur, author, speaker or coach who wants to walk through your life and business with the type of limitlessness we see Beyonce strutting her stuff through Homecoming with, it’s time to walk through The Gateway. 

If you know you’re ready for your version of the next level… the book, the stages, the easeful, graceful flowing launches and the expert status – it’s time for you to walk through The Gateway. 

If you have a mission and the vision that you know the ‘new’ world wants, needs and is ready and waiting for and you’ve been rocking those, ‘baby’s in the corner,’ vibes for way too long, it’s time for you to walk through The Gateway. 

Or if you’ve changed during this time and you know that there’s no ‘going back to normal’ (and yet the call of your old bad habits and destructive thoughts are strong)…  it’s time for you to walk through The Gateway.

Still reading????

Okay let’s play!

85% of people who land on this page, will feel something, tingles on their skin, butterflies in their stomach, a quickening of the pulse and still do everything they can to convince themselves of why they shouldn’t invest in The Gateway.

Here’s a sad freaking truth…

They will tell themselves that now isn’t the right time, because they’ve just signed up for a mastermind, or are finishing up their dissertation or don’t feel they have a second with the kids.

What this actually means?

That they totally miss the opportunity to learn how to become a master of time. That they still fight ‘the good fight’ and continue to be on the losing side, as they never seem to have enough of it. 

They will kid themselves that this page didn’t pique even the slightest bit of interest, opting to stay on ‘the hard work wheel’.

What this actually means?

That they don’t develop the relationship with their intuition, which is the secret to effortless Quantum Co-Creation, that is the secret to putting six figures on their bottom line easily.

They’ll still keep pretending that things are good enough for now, when in actuality, they are anything but good enough because they know that there is so much more available for them.

What this actually means?

That their tolerance in even one area becomes a pattern that repeats itself in each and EVERY area. That accepting anything less than they are worthing and deserving of becomes the way they approach all aspects of life – work, home, family, romantic relationships, finance, health, wellness…

Look – it doesn’t make sense to dip your toe in the water. Join the party for 7 whole days completely risk free and if you’re not feeling the vibe? Just say sayonara baby, no questions asked. Aren’t you even a little bit curious about what could change in just one week, let alone six?

Let’s do this freaking thing!

Meet Christine Hughson

No muss, no fuss, no bullshit. You live what you teach, i feel your heart and soul in everything you do. I feel the learnings you have earned through your own development and this shines through in your authenticity. It is a rare thing these days to learn from someone who shares their truth – the good the bad and the ugly. Ever other business coach that is continually rammed down my throat in an endless stream of Facebook ads always promise the world in a shiny new system. I don’t feel that with you, I feel am walking alongside someone who is continually working on herself to better able to support all of us, who owns it when things are fabulous and who owns it when things are shit and is never afraid to offer the learnings from either side. And that my love is priceless and why it was a no brainer for me.

Meet Emma O’Brien

Rapid Transformational Therapist & Coach

1. You really value mastery in your craft and that resonates with me hugely – there is nothing superficial about what you teach there is depth and brilliance and I find that hugely inspiring.
2. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found you because you connect in such a human way in this online world and it felt different, respectful.
3. I love that you are just you on lives, no glam set up – whatever happens happens (bats!!) and any other interaction.
4. I know you will kick arse and help me get to where I want in my business.
5. Because it was easy to think of the reasons I wanted to work with you.

What you receive as


Orientation Week 1st – 6th June

Receive Fear to Freedom – Conscious Transformation Course

Value £997

Access to the 6 Gates

Life changing teaching and coaching sessions.

Unlock the secrets your body and mind possess already, and be granted access to the quantum field. Feel the magic unfold as you embrace deep personal transformation with the ability to create quantum manifestations and learn how to apply the Quantum Co-Creation Method™

Gate 1 ~ The Alchemy Portal

Introduction to Quantum Flow.

Releasing blocks, trauma and limited beliefs through the body.


Gate 2 ~ Vision Ignition Process

Opening your vision scope, seeing beyond the now and creating your most expansive self.


Gate 3 ~ Superconscious and Voice Unification Activation

Tapping into universal intelligence whilst simultaneously activating your own innate knowledge blueprints. Empowering yourself to take the next steps in your life and business with calm, magnetic confidence.


Gate 4 ~ Leadership Activation

Showing up in a new world.

Activating your internal and external leadership codes.


Gate 5 ~ Co-Creative Universe

Next level manifestation.

Learning how to create the life you desire with Divine guidance.


Gate 6 ~ illumination Activation

Radiate and illuminate how you shine from the inside out.

The Bliss codes.

Falling in love with yourself from the inside out.

Value £2000

6 Quantum Flow Sessions

At the start of each class, you will take part in the quantum embodiment practice, enabling you to release outdated patterns and clear the body to become a clear channel for accelerated manifestation.

Value £1500

Quantum Bonuses

Full moon ceremony and portal opening

Value £150

3 Group remote energy healing sessions

Value £650

Collapse The Timeline with Laura Husson Creator of the SHIFT Method™

Value £297

Elevate Your Bank Balance with Mindset and Business Coach Lilia Navarrete

Value £297

Activate Your Chakras with Qoya Queen and Transformational Coach Kate Taylor

Value £297

Private Facebook Group

Value – priceless

Let’s go cosmic baby!

Total Value  £6188 

Want more?

Upgrade everything – Go crystal

Receive all of the above AND

6 weeks unlimited private voxer access with Suzy

3 x 90 minute Quantum Healing sessions to be taken over three months

Distance healing session with Suzy’s personal healer

Dates and times for your diary:

6th June Full Moon Ceremony 9pm BST

8th June 8pm

15th June 8pm

22nd June 8pm

29th June 8pm

6th July 8pm

13th July 8pm


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