Do you know what the biggest thing that is holding you back in your business is? Your inability to make a decision. When you start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and start making decisions more quickly and decisively, there’s the silver bullet (if there is such a thing) that will increase the income of your baby business. It’s SUPER interesting for me, having just finished working with 7 amazing women during a 9 month mastermind, observing the different degrees of success we all had. And while it was pretty clear to me the difference between those of us who made the progress we were looking for and those who didn’t when I asked my mentor what the ‘secret’ was. The thing that came top of the list was deciding who want to serve and sticking with it.

I saw women going around and around in circles unsure of what their ‘zone of genius’ was or who they should help. Coming up with different ideas, sometimes amazing, sometimes not so amazing about how they were going to consistently hit their £5K/£10K months. And then not seeing anything through.

Idea number 252 meant:

Re-educating people about what they did.

Re-positioning themselves as the ‘go-to’ person.

Creating new materials/programs.

Re-visiting pricing structures.

Creating new freebies/blogs/vlogs to demonstrate why they were the go-to expert.

It was exhausting.

And while I believe there’s nothing wrong with a person changing their mind when something genuinely isn’t working. Failure to make a decision and stick to it for any given period of time will always be a massive downfall.

So how do you make decisions that you know are going to be right for you?

 1.Accept you don’t have a crystal ball.

No-one can predict the future and the idea you think is amazing now, might turn out to be a dud. But that’s okay. When you stop aiming for perfection it frees you up to take action. Action leads to experience and experience leads to confidence to take the next step forward. But if you are afraid to take a step for fear of getting it wrong, you are committing to standing on the start line forever more.

   2. Follow what lights you up.

There’s been a big debate on the false hope that the ‘follow your passion’ message has created over the years. However, I think doing something that makes you feel excited and invigorated is a MUST when working for yourself. Of course it’s not the only criteria that you have to consider when deciding on an idea but it is a bloody important one

   3. Do People Want You?

Validate the idea, test it with your desired target audience. Talk to them about it, get in front of them, ask them what they want, see if your product or service meets a need. If it does go for it. If not decide on whether you need to refine or scrap.

   4. Commit to the next 90 days.

While it’s not possible to build an empire in 90 days, if you have an idea that people want you can get traction within 3 months if you go all in. So commit to giving it your all and see how you feel at the end of that period. If it’s not happening, take stock of what you have learnt and start the process of acceptance again and see what doors have opened up during the 90 days you have been hustling, because for sure there will be opportunities there they you hadn’t even dreamed of when you started.

    5. Have faith.

One of the reminders that pops up on my phone at 7am every day, is that I am fully supported. The woo side of me that believes in Law of Attraction and The Secret says everything is happening for a reason and reminds be to have faith. So even if I don’t get it at all the moment I want it, all I need to do is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and everything that is supposed to happen will. So I can afford to chill out because it’s all going to be okay.

It is for you too! 🙂

So tell me is failure to make a decision holding you back? Leave a comment below as I’d love to help you take that next step.  

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