I was chatting to a friend I’ve been working with about her birth preferences for hospital.  She’s a high flying solicitor in the City and so everything she does is SUPER organized.

As I was chatting to her, it was clear she was doing something that a lot of my Exec mums-to-be do….Letting the control freak take over!  She talked me through, at length, how she was planning on managing EVERYTHING.  And when I was able to get a word in and  I asked her where – let’s call him…Tom, was going to be whilst she was directing everyone.  I’ve heard her response from so many different women, so many times before….That I had to share this with you.

Despite being one of the biggest advocates for  empowered, strong woman having control over the way that they birth.  When it comes to the delivery room, both science and experience tells me that you need to be prepared to let go of the reins when it comes to creating the positive childbirth you want and there is 1 very good reason why….



So, please share with me your thoughts with me on this post in the comments box below.  Does this make sense to you, or do you think it’s a load of rubbish?!

If you’ve been here and done it before, how was your partner able to support you? Would you change anything or keep everything exactly the same?

If this is your first time around, what are you going to do, to get your birthing partner on the same page as you?  You’re advice might be really helpful to someone else so don’t be shy and please share!


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