A love note from Suzy

Hello Beautiful Human,

I’m so excited to have you here on this page. It means you’re thinking about joining the crew of #Lifers for a day of growth.

Why is growth the theme for this year’s event? Well, it’s my intention for you – and if I’m really honest for myself too. By the time we reach the 3rd of May, I will be over half-way through my 41st year and this will be my first time back in the UK after spending 5 months of a year away in Mexico with my family. The themes for our year as a family are growth and exploration.

I am more acutely aware than ever that as we move into the second half of our lives, we have more opportunities to step up and make a positive difference in a world that sometimes feels like it’s not just crying out but screaming for good people, with great intentions and ACTIONABLE plans to go out and make the difference. What I know to be true is that in order to step into being that person on the outside, we have to intentionally ‘do the work’, seek out and lean into the growth on the inside.

As you set the intention to ‘do the work’, I want to remind you that the most beautiful, accelerated and powerful results come up when we take a break from our normal surroundings, release the everyday pressures, concerns and responsibilities, and surround ourselves with different perspectives, different stories and a different awareness of ALL the possibilities that are available to us.

And it’s with all that in mind and this intention held that I invite you to join us on the most magical day of inner growth, so that you can make the external leaps, at Limitless Live.

If this love letter speaks to you, hit the button below, and also know that you’ll be doing something great not just for yourself but also for Love Support Unite, my charity of the year, as I will be donating 50% of the regular ticket sale profits to them.

I can’t wait to see your face.

All the love,



Faith + Action = Miracles

Tickets are strictly non refundable. 

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