Be inspired. Be Motivated. Be Limitless.
15th June 2018, Canada Water Theatre, London

Limitless Live is a day for smart female business owners or women looking to create their own thing for the first time, to come and understand how to unleash your power by doing the inner work that will allow you to step more deeply into your own limitless potential.

After spending the day at Limitless Live you will leave with a deeper sense of just what is possible for you. What you need to let go of in order for you to work with an even clearer intention when it comes to how you show up in your business, your life, your relationships and most importantly with yourself so you can create more impact and of course more income.

Author | Speaker | Founder of This Girl is Enough
Founder of the Kemi Telford brand
Macrobiotic Nutritionist | Life Counsellor | Chef | Teacher
Author of The Goddess Revolution | TEDx speaker | UK's leading self love and wellness expert
Hay House Author | TEDx speaker | Mindset and Messaging Mentor | Creator of Limitless Live
Author | PR Maven | Speaker
Founder of Higher Selfie | Confidence Coach | Author
International Lecturer  and Expert on Baby Massage and Yoga
A Love Note from me to you.

Hello Lovely,

My name is Suzy Ashworth and I am the creator of Limitless Live, which was born out of a burning desire to create and facilitate deeper, more meaningful, real life connections with women like you from all around the world. And even deeper than that, create the space for you to create a deeper and even more meaningful connection with yourself.

The Dalai Lama once said a western woman will save the world.

I believe that to be true, but there’s a BUT. In a world where more and more women are choosing to step out of the 9 to 5 and dare to dream of a life where they are in control of their own destinies, what I see time and time again is both the conscious and unconscious desire to still follow the rules. Rules set by husbands, teachers, parents, Instagram, I could go on… The problem with this is it leaves you disconnected from what is truly possible for you - and your unlimited potential to create and achieve everything you desire.

Limitless Live is a full on shot-in-the-arm antidote to all of that crap. A day where you get to learn, be inspired and motivated into taking action for YOU, and something that will ultimately positively impact your family and of course the world. Through hearing the real life stories and lessons from women who have beaten the odds and created miracles for themselves and the people they come into contact with every. Damn. Day.

Limitless Live is about stepping into the next level. Today.

Are you ready?

See you at there.

All the love,


Faith + Action = Miracles


Giving Back

The intention for Limitless Live is to not simply inspire, but to create momentum and good that happens in the world immediately. Which is why I’m super proud to be able to say that 50% of the profits (the aim is a minimum of £5000) will be donated to Love, Support, Unite - my charity of the year - which is doing AMAZING work in Malawi. So on behalf of LSU thank you for being here.

Lauren is a mother of 4, creator of This Girl Is Enough and author of Filter Free.  She's on a mission for women everywhere to know the importance of speaking their truth, and in turn finding their freedom.
Mama-of-two Yvonne Modupe Telford is the founder of the Kemi Telford Brand. When her first daughter was born in 2007, Yvonne, a former Credit Risk Analyst with a major pharmaceutical company gave up her job to become a full time mother. In 2016, she set up KemiKids (now Kemi Telford) and has since used the art of telling her life’s story to grow her brand. 
Nicky is a chef, a counsellor and a teacher. After getting lost in drug addiction, eating disorders and health issues in her teens her dream now is to take everything she has been through, learnt and experienced and turn it into something beautiful and meaningful. To empower as many people as she can to have a deeper relationship with themselves and to nourishment. Through cooking, through the body, through emotional and spiritual work.
Mel Wells is a Certified Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach, International Speaker and the Bestselling Author of widely acclaimed The Goddess Revolution. She  has been featured in Forbes Under 30, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, BBC Radio 1 and more as a leading women’s expert in her field. Mel dedicates her time to helping women worldwide ditch the dieting for good, make peace with food and love their healthy bodies. 
Suzy Ashworth is a mindset and messaging mentor, Hay House author, a TEDx speaker, founder of The Calm Birth School and serial online entrepreneur. She has been featured in The Independent, The Guardian, BBC London, the Huffington Post, The Observer and more.  Suzy works with female entrepreneurs to master the three most important m's in their lives: their mindset, their message and their money, so they can create businesses and live lives with more intention so they can create more income and most importantly more impact in the world. Her message is a simple one Faith + Action = Miracles.
Jessica Huie went from being a teenage mother living in a hostel to having a glittering career in Public Relations, working with some of the world’s biggest stars and business people including Samuel L. Jackson, Simon Cowell, Sir Bob Geldof and Meghan Markle. Jessica founded the award-winning public relations boutique agency JHPR and her first business Color blind cards is credited as the first independent multicultural greeting card line to be stocked in the UK high-street, earning her an MBE award for services to entrepreneurship – all by the age of 34.
Lucy is the world's first and only comparison coach, Hay House Author and Speaker. Her journey from 'compare and despair' to a comparison free life started on Oprah's Life Class series where she has been featured as a guest several times. You will also find her featured in the pages of The Sunday Times Style Magazine, Forbes, The Daily Mail, Metro, Grazia, Stella and many more.   She helps her clients find more joy, success and wealth on their own terms through showing them how to release the fear, jealousy and envy that keeps people feeling stuck.  
Gayle is an international author and expert on infant massage and yoga, mother of three and  the UK Director of the charity Love Support Unite. She went from a city lawyer to a baby massage instructor, founding Blossom & Berry in 2001 as a result of her experiences as a nervous new mother. Discovering baby massage transformed Gayle's life, empowering her to embrace her role as a mother and respond to everything her daughter needed. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the venue?
Canada Water Theatre, Canada Water, London
What is public transport to the venue like?
Great. Canada Water tube (which is just a 10 minute tube ride from London Bridge) is right outside the theatre!
Will you be serving refreshments?
I won't, but there's a great cafe on site at the venue, so you won't go hungry or thirsty.
Will there be a break for lunch?
We will have a couple of breaks during the day, so you won't have to miss a thing.
 Do you offer refunds?
This is a strict no refund policy, but if you would like to organise transferring your ticket  to someone else you are free to do so. We only ask that you email so we are able to change the name on the registration list.
Is there an instalment option?
Not for this event, no.
What are the timings for the day?
8:45am arrival for a 9.00am start. Finish at 5.00pm.
Do you have an event schedule?
We sure do, and this will be emailed to you closer to the date.
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