An open letter to female entrepreneurs,
 sick and tired of
overwhelm and
not knowing what step to take next
when it comes to building a business…

The kind of business that enables them to live
a life that lights them up, from the inside out.

An open letter to female entrepreneurs,  sick and tired of overwhelm and not knowing what step to take next when it comes to building a business…


The kind of business that enables them to live
a life that lights them up, from the inside out.


Please do not read any further unless creating more impact and more income is a non-negotiable for you in 2020.

If you haven’t made that decision yet I know what I have to say isn’t for you.

I also know that time is the one thing you don’t have enough of, and I don’t want to waste a second more of it.

Still here?

Okay, so you’re serious.


So you may or may not be familiar with my old friend Mary, she’s been in business for coming up to two years now, she’s bloody AMAZING at what she does and yet barely anyone knows of who she is or that her business even exists.
Because Mary has tried all.




Like the ‘good business owner’ she so desires to be.
She was told that it was all about the easy three-step

strategy for making millions.

That seven figure funnel where one-click software will be the answer to all of her dreams.
She’s spent sleepless nights thinking about all of the money she’s thrown down the drain on Facebook ads, simply because she didn’t know what she didn’t know.
And then there’s the knot in the middle of her chest every time she thinks about all the money she doesn’t have to spend on working out how to get it right.
She hates writing but tries to grind out the blogs where she’s her most authentic self.
And then there’s Instagram, which is no longer about highly curated feeds but about having the most amazing and engaging Instagram Stories set to transform her entire life and her business.
And as she runs from one new amazing strategy to another, I see her….

Always in business mode. Not being able to really BE there with her kids, because her mind is always in the business.

So desperate for the few clients she is seeing that when it comes to the boundaries around her personal time….what boundaries?!

When I see her, I see she’s: 

new transparet arrow
Losing her will.
new transparet arrow
Losing her spark.
new transparet arrow
Losing her self-belief.
I see her remembering why she wants to change the world –
for her kids, she loves them and wants them to know they can achieve anything they want in the world. And she wants to do it for herself too.

She wants to prove to herself that she is just as capable doing it for herself in her own world as she was in her 9 – 5.

When she allows herself to dream the real dream, she knows she wants to make a massive impact in the world.

She wants to change lives.

And if Oprah called, well that would be cool too…

But with where she is right now, that dream is so far down the track that it’s not even a pinprick in the distance. The reality is that if she carries on like this, the business will never be the business it can be. She’ll be lucky if she can even keep things going as a hobby.

But let me just say… this doesn’t need to be Mary’s, or even your, reality! It doesn’t have to be like this.

I’m going to tell you exactly what I said to my Mary…

You have permission to start

dreaming bigger again NOW.

Here’s what I know about you:

   You are a creative and brilliant woman.

   You are devoted to your family and the ones you love.

  You want to make a deep impact on the world.

  You have a calling, and a dream of turning that passion into a sustainable business.

And you CAN DO IT.

Stop questioning if you’re really cut out for the entrepreneurial life.

If it wasn’t for you, you wouldn’t be here.

The Limitless Life Experience: Business Edition is for women who:

Aren’t just looking for another strategy.

It’s an experience and a philosophy that will change the way you live your life as well as the way you do business. I’ve designed it so that it grows alongside you. Every time you’re ready to expand into a new level of being you can go right back to the beginning of the journey and go even deeper.

This is EXACTLY how I use the courses and the books that have made the biggest impact on my now multiple six-figure business.

Have not had the confidence or the words to go out into the world and make the impact they truly desire to make.

LLE Business Edition is for women who know that the work they do is incredibly important, but have never been able to find the voice or the strength to go out and say: this is why and how my skills will transform lives. This experience is designed to help you build up that confidence in who you are and what you have to offer

Are ready to get focused.

If you have a family who need you to be present, rather than losing yourself in comparisonitis on Facebook and Instagram, having my four clear roadmaps will help you create that. All of my systems slot together in a logical way, so that you can know, with 100% certainty, where to put your attention… meaning you can actually switch off at switching off time.

Want visibility with meaning.

In this noisy world, where people are being bombarded with a million and one messages every day, visibility is absolutely key to your progress. LLE is about learning to take up space in the world in a meaningful way, that honours who you are and what you want to achieve, whilst respecting that your ideal client does not want to feel bombarded.

Are ready to put the time, intention and action into receiving consistent cash flow.

My desire for every single person on this program is that they make at least triple the return on their investment in this experience, simply by implementing ONE idea over our 12 weeks together.

My personal vision is that you’ll all be earning consistent £5k months by the end of the year, but if you’re looking to accelerate faster than that with an even higher income goal, you should be talking to me about the Limitless Mastermind that runs alongside the LLE biz edition.

Obviously I do not make any income promises or guarantees, but judging from the 111 people who have already been through this life-changing program I know that this intention barely scrapes the surface of what you are capable of achieving if you implement like the badass I know you are.

Want to be kept accountable for getting shizzle done.

One of the most frustrating things about signing up to any program online is the fear of life getting in the way and not creating the momentum you desire, that’s why I have set things up so that if you don’t log in for over a week, you get a gentle nudge for me to check in with what’s going on, and to direct you to the Mindful Momentum System that is available from Day 1 to ensure you’re making the strides towards your goals.

And know this: if you’re struggling in your business, it’s because you’re not connecting. You’re not connecting with your people, your power message or even your own priorities.

Attract more of the right clients.

In a world where so many people have been distracted by not being the biggest yet, while wanting it oh-so-badly, the way to make a truly sustainable and profitable business has been lost.

It’s not about building a following of thousands, it’s actually about speaking to fewer people in general and more of the right people. If you’re ready to make a bigger impact without being distracted by going large, then you for sure are in the right place.

But don’t just take my word for it….

LLE is not for people who:

  Are looking for a quick fix.

  Want yet another strategy.

  Don’t think that doing the inner work is fundamental to your business success.

  Believe I have a magic pixie dust that means you don’t need to do any actual work.

The day I decided to give myself permission to be the person I wanted to be, that quiet dream of mine became a big roaring reality.

Wouldn’t you love to say the same?


The Limitless Life Experience

The Limitless Life Experience is the adventure of a lifetime. Together we will work on the inner stuff that will give you permission to step fully into the person you need to be to create a banging life and business. A business that will grow exponentially over the next 12 months, because that’s what you deserve.
My client rate before LLE was £750, before we finished the last round I increased it to £1200 and booked clients at my new rate.

A few magical things happened with money during LLE. I also received 4K from the bank! And got all debt onto interest free balances.

Olivia Southey

I set a really strong intention that if I was meant to do it, the money would be there and I would just take it month to month…

I joined…and it was the best decision I’ve ever made

Yesterday I had my best day in business EVER

I earned more money than I had in the previous 2 weeks…and I worked 2 hours.

The reason for this is that I truly stepped into who I am meant to be…I connected with what I am here to do and I connected with my dream clients

Jennie Harrison

The Mindshift Mastery Blueprint ™

All of your success starts with mindset. Self-belief, self-confidence and self-esteem.
It doesn’t matter if you have the best strategy in the world if you don’t believe in yourself and your capabilities. You will sabotage yourself over and over again. So I use my trademarked formula to guide you through the exact mindshifts that I have used to double my income year on year.

Week 1  – Connection Adventure ™

Reconnecting to yourself and your needs as you step into achieving your dreams is the foundational work I do EVERY time I am ready to uplevel. The Connection Adventure creates the space for you to show up more authentically yourself than you ever have before AND be excited rather than worried about showing the world your true colours.

Week 2  –
Co-Creation Adventure ™

When you try and do it all yourself you can only get so far. Understanding how to work with the Universe to create impact (and income) beyond what feels possible right now is what all visionary leaders are able to nail to achieve great things. I’ll be sharing the strategies that work for both myself and my clients time and time again.

Week 3  –
Adventure ™

Stepping up to your next level of greatness both personally and professionally can feel scary as shizzle. I’m here to hold your hand and guide you as you walk alongside your fear and step into the courage required to show up consistently and share your message with the world.

The Miracle Messaging Formula ™

Time to get down to it. Now you know who you are and what you need in order to step into as you work on building the life and business of your dreams… so it’s time to start talking.

Messaging is the foundation for everything single piece of communication that you create whether that’s on social media, at speaking engagements, on your website, anything and everything. And at the moment, most people are getting this ALL WRONG.

During this part of the adventure I’m going to share with you my YThem YYou2 Formula that will change the way you communicate what you do for the rest of your life, so that you can confidently build a tribe ready, willing and wanting to buy EVERYTHING that’s right for them, which will most likely be everything that you sell.

Week 4  –
The Purpose Adventure ™

Knowing what you want, where you come from and what drives you is absolutely crucial for killer messaging and keeping you on track when you really want to give up. This is where the Purpose Adventure really steps up to hold, support and drive you forward

Week 5  –
The People Adventure ™

In the People Adventure you’re going to take any work that you’ve ever done on your ideal client and go 100% deeper. Using the courage required to say yes to only the chosen few, primed to become your super fans for life and change the way you market your business forever. (Spoiler alert: it’s about to get a whole less stressful and a lot more fun)

Week 6  –
The Paradigm Pivot Adventure ™

And here we flip everything you’ve ever been taught by 99% of the coaches out there. Why is this important to you? Because if you follow the roadmap I’ve created for you here, you cannot help but to cut through ALL the noise and connect with your ideal client in the deepest possible way.

The Magnetic Money Model ™

Week 7  –
The Archetype Adventure

Money, money, money. How you feel about asking for, receiving and then giving out money, affects EVERYTHING you do in your business. How you package, how you price and how you ask for the sale. And all of that is pre-determined by your money DNA. Here’s the thing, while your DNA is your DNA, understanding how and why you act the way you do can help you structure your whole business in a way that serves you instead of leaving you fighting against yourself. Doesn’t that sound great?

Week 8  –
The Awareness Adventure

Identifying the stories you tell yourself about your relationship with money, and identifying new stories for your money archetype is crucial as you start building the new outlook on money that is absolutely required to put you in a position to receiving more.

Week 9  –
The Activation Adventure

This part of your journey is about getting uber practical. You know how to allow more in and now I want to share with you my strategies on how not to get overwhelmed as you keep things moving in a consistent upward trajectory.

The Majestic Marketing Method ™

Week 10  –
The Storytelling adventure

A wise man once said that every point should have a story and every story should have a point. And this is especially true when it comes to selling without the hard sell. Taking what you have learnt about your ideal client during the Miracle Messaging Formula and applying it to the 7 story framework I share in this adventure means you’ll never run out of magnetic content that will do the heavy lifting for you.

Week 11  –
The Social Adventure

I know you’ve heard it, because I’m hearing it every other day. I want out of Facebook, Instagram is taking over my life. I get it and I hear it, but guess what, guys? Social is here to stay, and while there are many people out there who are running very successful businesses without social media, if you’re here, I’m 99% sure you found me through social media, which means you’re on it and you’re using it and your clients are most likely on it and using it too. So, how would you like a social strategy that doesn’t have you clinging to your phone all day, but helps you connect with the peeps you are going to make a difference to? Yes?

Week 12  –
The Sales Adventure™

I’ve left this adventure until the end deliberately, because with all the other work you’ve been doing, this is going to feel so joyful to you in a way that it never has before. It really is going to be the cherry on top of the most beautiful cake as you invite your dreamboat clients to take the next step with you.

Bonus resource: The Mindful Momentum Plan ™

This is here to get you back on track, whenever life gets in the way. If you find yourself stuck/procrastinating/just not doing the work, this is what will help you get going again.
I just wanted to say for anyone on the fence about signing up to LLE – DO IT!

When LLE came about i knew I needed to do it, instead of asking for permission to invest in myself I DID IT, I put it on my credit card and I knew 100% that I was going to pay it off myself and I did in way less time than I’d planned and with change!

Before I’d even logged in to teachable for the first adventure there was a HUGE shift!

The content is amazing!

Leah Freeman

It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 30 mins of coaching- Suzy is wonderful, grab the opportunity to have a bit of coaching with her! She asks the right questions to really make you think and decide what you want for yourself and for your business. A must if you’re a bit lost or not getting what(you think) you want.
Saveria Upcraft

This program is 50% mindset, 50% hardcore strategy. Both of which I’ve used to double my income in the last year.

You don’t need “all of the things” to get you hitting consistent £5k months, you just need 4:

   A rock-solid mindset

   A powerful message

  Money mojo

  Authentic marketing

And it all starts here.

Sign up today and you get the life-altering adventures I shared up there – you’ll have everything you need to nail your mindset, your message, your money and your marketing.

You’ll get two live Watch Out World (W.O.W.) calls with me every single month because I want to be there to hold your hand. Navigating the inner work can be hard, so I’ll be there to help you soar.

You’ll get access to an exclusive Facebook group, just for fellow #Lifers. Think of this community as your personal gang of cheerleaders and business besties, there to give you all the love and support you need.


How to finally nail Instagram for your business 60 minute – Live Q&A with Tyler McCall

(Value: £249)

How to create a stress-free Facebook ad strategy

(Value: £249)

Price your products into alignment with Rachel Weber

(Value: £249)

Tapping out your limiting beliefs – Live workshop with Michelle Simmons

(Value: £249)

The 90 Day Plan: How to get more done in the next 12 weeks than you have all year

(Value: £249)

Limitless Live WOW calls – 6 new WOW calls and over 75 recordings

The Limitless Life Experience is about creating a business that feels “right”, without marketing madness, comparisonitis or constant “hustle mode”.

It’s time to let yourself dream big again. You get to design the life you live, all you’ve got to do is choose it.


But that’s not all. If you KNOW you’re in and you KNOW  you want more (impact, income and support) the Limitless Mastermind might be just the ticket…

If you’re ready to step into consistent  £10k months and would love to work with me in a more intimate way, this is for you. You will get my eyes specifically on your business for 6 whole months…

Mary – Gold Border (3)
So as well as access to the Limitless Life Experience, you would get:

   An exclusive 6 month mastermind

   2 calls each month (one with the group, one just with us)

  Access to my VIP group, where I share everything I’m working on in my own business

  Voxer access to me whenever you need it

  An in-person mastermind day in London, next May

Limitless Love



Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes! Scroll back up to that pricing box and you’ll see the different payment plans I offer.

blue line

Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work?

I have a 14 day “try before you buy” policy, so if at any point in those first 2 weeks you decide LLE isn’t for you, I’ll give you your money back.

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I have a pretty busy life, how much time would I need to set aside?

Obviously, everyone works at their own pace, but I’d suggest setting aside 30-60 minutes each week to go through all the materials. Every training is broken down into 15 minute videos so you can easily fit them into your schedule.

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Do I need to attend the W.O.W. calls live?

I always recommend attending live if you can, but you’ll be sent the recording too.

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I’m not 100% sure what my vision is for my business, is this still for me?

LLE will help you get crystal clear on what you truly want from your business (and life), so yes!

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How much access will I get to you?

I’ll be there in the Facebook group to support you as you work through each adventure. You’ll also get “live” access to me during our two monthly W.O.W. calls.