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The Captivation Codes Templates + Magic Money

Your 21 day guide to elevate your frequency and supercharge your prosperity. Ready to upgrade your energy and uplevel your income?

What you'll get


Getting Clear On Where You Are:

  • Day 1: Intention Setting
  • Day 2: Your Intention vs Where You Are
  • Day 3: Grounding Quantum Flow
  • Day 4: Identifying Stories (Positive and Negative)
  • Day 5: Grounding Meditation
  • Day 6: Releasing Blocks
  • Day 7: Reflecting on Progress

Opening Up The Channel

  • Day 1: Resonance Building and Increasing Your Vibration
  • Day 2: Hypnosis Rewiring
  • Day 3: Alchemy Quantum Flow Practice
  • Day 4: Cleansing Your Auric Field
  • Day 5: Divine Masculine and Feminine Activation
  • Day 6: Taking Aligned Action
  • Day 7: Reflecting on Progress

Supercharging Your Prosperity

  • Day 1: Embodiment of the Queen
  • Day 2: Raising Expectations
  • Day 3: Radiating Quantum Flow
  • Day 4: Aligning with Service and Impact
  • Day 5: Future Self Hypnosis
  • Day 6: Future Celebration
  • Day 7: Reflecting on Progress

Playbook cost: £997 + VAT 

Mindset & Money

The Captivation Codes Templates + Magic Money

Learn how to tap into your power and embody the energy of abundance so that you can start receiving in all areas of your life – in business and beyond.

What you'll get


Content focused on five elements of:

Aligned Action


Class 1a: The mindset it takes to turn your dreams into reality

Class 1b: Taking a deeper dive into limiting beliefs
Class 2: When we are in alignment with our soul, we attract and create what we desire.
Class 3: What it is that you want and making peace with desiring more.
Class 4: The 4 key components that have seen me create a multiple 6 figure business in record time.
Class 5: How to manifest with ease

Bundle cost: £497 + VAT

Sales & Messaging

Message Mastery + Sales School with Soul + 120 Day Creative Social Content Calendar

Learn how to master your messaging and sell soulfully so that you can make an impact and an income with ease, grace and flow.

What you'll get


The 7-Day Jumpstart
Week 1: The Purpose Adventure™
Week 2: The People Adventure™
Week 3: The Paradigm Pivot Adventure™
Week 4: The Storytelling Adventure™


Social Media Prompts
Trello Board Guide
Batching Breakdown
How to write headlines Masterclass

PLUS these bonuses:

Content Creation Masterclass
How to Create Killer Packages
How to create a banging ‘About Me’ page
Social Media Prompts
Income Booster Masterclass

Bundle cost: £497 + VAT

The Captivation Codes Templates + Magic Money

Daily affirmations to level up your life, your income and your impact.

Receive 30 days of free daily affirmations and inspiration sent directly to your inbox.

Create a practice that puts you in the right frame of mind to welcome more freedom and abundance.


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