It’s funny, that after completing a quick straw poll of my hypnobirthing Mums about what drew them to seek out an alternative path to birth than traditional experiences that are often depicted as the ‘norm’ the overwhelming response to the question is FEAR…Of course there are other driving forces that lead women to investigate hypnobirthing, but there certainly seems to be a recurring theme to many of our Mum’s motivations.

When I thought about why hypnobirthing was of interest to me, it wasn’t until I really stopped to think about, why did I realise that for me that although, I tend to associate hospitals with sickness and more extremely death.  Although, the rational side of my mind acknowledges great things happen in hospitals, babies are born, people are healed, mended and cared for by talented doctors and nurses everyday…However, the irrational side of my mind told me that if I laboured and birthed at home, I would be able to maintain control and take comfort in the reassurance of my own four walls, and be able to climb into bed after, enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of toast after.  And therefore, bypass addressing my fear of things in hospitals not always providing the happy ending I was looking for.  The only problem for me was how the hell was I going to be able to complete this birth at home – I’d watched, One Born Every Minute – without any drugs?!  No chance…And then I thought about hypnobirthing and the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle seemed to fall into place.

I decided to buy a couple of books, one by a guy called Grantly Dick-Read the originator of the concept that women had the ability to birth without fear and distress; the second book was from the Godmother of hypnobirthing Marie Mongan who after two negative child birthing experiences, decided to do things her way, utilizing techniques that she had started to formulate during her first two pregnancies and birth.  And for me, things began to make sense.

Having studied and achieved a certificate in Clinical Hypnosis, the power of the human mind and our ability to train this most magnificent muscle to perform in the way we would like to direct it, was not a new concept for me.   This coupled with reading about the experiences of women often in developing countries or cultures often far removed from the medicalized experience that is sold to us in the Western cultures, I really began to believe, that through educating myself about the process of the labour and by using visualisation techniques I could create a birthing experience that would be a joy for me and a stress free experience for my baby, in the comfort of my own home.

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