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Love Yourself Hard

I wanted to share with you two books that I have been reading that have been quite transformational for me.  Check out the vlog to know more: The first is called Pussy: A Reclamation, but Regena Thomashauer.  She's also known as Mama Gena and she talks a lot about women's sensuality and sexuality.  This book is one that I was gifted earlier on in the year by an old mentor; I picked it up and started reading it, and I put it back down, and I picked it up, and I put it back down.  Two weeks ago, I started reading it again.  It's my bedtime read. Oh my god, everything just kind of clicked into place.  She talks a lot about the use of the word pussy, which you can quite easily substitute for intuition.  She is talking about the divine feminine and our ability to really celebrate ourselves and tune into the strength of our own intuitive power, through the pussy.  One of the things that I've really taken from this book is the need for me to do things that make me feel exquisite.  Whether that be really acknowledging and appreciating things I do already and reframing them, so for example, I really am more mindful that when I drink water and it's at room...

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Are you too different?

Today I want to talk to you about being different.  I want to ask the question ‘how comfortable do you feel about not being the same as all of your friends and family?’  How comfortable do you feel around standing out and away from the herd? Because I want to put it to you that if you have a dream, a burning desire to create something magnificent for you and your family, to have a massive impact on the world, to inspire and motivate people on a big scale to do something different, to feel differently, to act differently, then you have to understand and appreciate that that is a pretty isolating and lonely path.  Want to know why?  Here is my answer: Because what you are acknowledging is that you are born to lead rather than follow, rather than being one of many, you want to stand at the front of many people. To do that powerfully, to show up and share your message in an unfiltered way, to share more of your truth on a daily basis with the people that you want to create and motivate into changing and transforming and living to their fullest potential, you have to be prepared to stand up and be different. You have to be prepared to stand up and...

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Do I Need a Coach?

Why Do I Need a Coach, If I Have All the Answers? I believe in expansion.  I believe that our fullest potential is never really reached because our potential is infinite. I believe that the greatest part of us is the part we cannot see. Inspiration. Spirit. Intuition. And it is that, that connects us to Source, the Universe.  This connection is the same connection that creates worlds, movements, provides us with the AHAs and light bulb moments. Whilst this is not something I have ever put into words as blatantly as this before, I set the intention to evolve and expand daily. I know that my connection with Infinite Potential is here within me.  That connection provides me with all the answers I will ever need, but in a world of likes, hearts, job titles and bank accounts, where people unwittingly measure their success. Whilst I know these things are not my barometer when I’m completely aligned and in flow, there are many days where I get lost in the fog, fall into the competitor trap and the "I’m not good enough" drop. And as the sense of separateness from my Infinite Potential feels weakened, perhaps even invisible, I notice myself shrink. The goal posts move from evolve, expand...

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