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I’m Revealing My Unique 2-Part Framework For Creating High-Ticket Group Coaching Programs In An Invite-Only Training

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This may sound harsh, but working only with private, 1-2-1 clients won’t give you the success that you crave.

That’s because…

  • It requires a lot of personal time and energy. You’re stressed, exhausted and your bank balance doesn’t reflect the effort.
  • Only a few lives can be changed at a time.
  • You barely get to scratch the surface with your clients. Didn’t you start your business knowing its impact?

But for a minute just imagine…

  • Clients showing up out of nowhere and immediately putting down a deposit because they want to work with you #truestory.  (Rae, yes we’re talking about you!)
  • You’re filled to the brim for your launch and can’t take anymore clients for the next couple of months, and clients who got left out are paying you to be on your waitlist #truestory. (This was Mar within 90 days of joining the program!)
  • You’ve had consistent £25,000+ months… and you haven’t even done the official launch yet! #truestory.  (Hi fives Donna!)
  • Making DOUBLE the money than your expectations and knowing how much the additional cash means to your family #truestory (Congratulating you, Rachel)
  • Feeling giddy at how far you’ve come. From being afraid of even looking at your books in March 2020… to having a turnover of £180,000+ in March 2021! #truestory. (Kate, you’re amazing!)

All Of This And More Is Possible When You Have Your Own Group Coaching Program

And you don’t need to start from scratch

You can expand your existing offer into a 6 to 12 month group coaching program that is…

  • High Ticket (£3k+)
  • Can easily handle multiple people (eventually 100+) and
  • Doesn’t demand too much time


This way, you get to…


  • Charge for the transformation, not the number of sessions.
  • Work with dreamboat clients who won’t flinch at the price
  • And have a lasting impact on their lives
Want the exact steps to expanding your 1-to-1 offer
into a group program?  Get access to…


An exclusive training where I’ll show you my unique 2-Part Framework to create your own high-ticket group coaching program that is a 6-figure success.

In this advanced training you’ll discover…

  • Why my unique 2-Part Framework is and how it can create a quantum shift in your thinking, your capacity to receive, and on the impact you can have on the world.
  • The deep energy work and modern business strategies to get out of the feast and famine cycle ASAP.
  • The exact roadmap to allow 6-figures (or more) in the next year.
  • How you can take your offers to the next level and command the income you’ve always desired.
  • And much, much more!

Since this training is advanced in nature, the session is ONLY for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their offers.

And to give personalised attention, access can be gained only through application. 

(That’s extra, I know! But I promise the training’s going to be worth taking the time to fill your application)

So many things happened after I said yes…It took me about 8 weeks to reposition my offer, what I was selling and completely reorganising…I did my first practice launch in November…and I made £7000… I think I had made £3000 in the last 2.5/3 years. It had taken me that long to work it out…I’ve made 20k in the last 4 months. This is life changing. The word is freedom, suddenly I feel expansive. I am so freaking excited for the whole of this year and all the plans that I have…I feel abundant for the first time in a really long time.


Founder & Mama Tiger at LaLa Tigers

Just had to share what can happen when you commit to changing your life, and dedicate yourself to growth… What 12 months in the Freedom Experience has done to my business finances…

Before FE: Annual revenue of £31k

After FE: Annual revenue of £162k

Thank you Suzy Ashworth


Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady

You really value mastery in your craft and that resonates with me hugely – there is nothing superficial about what you teach, there is depth and brilliance and I find that hugely inspiring. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found you because you connect in such a human way in this online world and it felt different, respectful. I love that you are just you on lives, no glam set up – whatever happens happens (bats!!) and any other interaction. I know you will kick arse and help me get to where I want in my business.


I just knew Suzy was the right person to move me forward. I didn’t actually have any doubts about working with her because I’d had the experience of working with her on a previous program, Sales School [with Soul], which had just.. poof.. surpassed my expectations completely and had a massive impact on my bottom line. So, I felt really confident that she’ll help me get where I wanted to be. For me, I’d been having very peaks and troughs in my business. I didn’t have any kind of pipeline of clients. It felt like feast and famine, and I really wanted consistency in my business. 

I aimed for 5K months when I started, and I hit that and got consistency. In the third month, January, I actually hit the biggest month in my business that I’ve ever had – I had 11K worth of sales in one month. Which for me was like, amazing and mind-blowing.

The 2-Part Framework Made Me A Millionaire

Your group coaching programme is only a few steps away from being an impactful, 6-figure business.

And I get to say that with confidence because I quadrupled my business from £400k to £2m+ in sales in a time of… 

…worldwide recession 

…global pandemic 

…and an almost year-long lockdown

I credit this success to starting The Freedom Experience, my signature group coaching program. 

As you may have guessed, it’s a program that I built using my unique 2-Part Framework that took me 8 years to design and perfect.

And now, I’ll share this system with you in this training.

So don’t wait and apply for access to The Art & Science Of Creating, Selling & Launching High Ticket Group Programs exclusive training by clicking the button below.

Meet your Mentor



Suzy Ashworth is a seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach.

Armed with the superpower to help entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business.

Allowing them to expand into a limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world. 

With her signature program, The Freedom Experience and numerous business-meets-soul products, Suzy has supported thousands of entrepreneurs have a better life and make the difference they’ve always wanted. 

Combining her paid programs and free media such as her podcast, The Limitless Life Experience and inclusive Facebook group, Suzy has been featured in Forbes, Grazia, and The BBC. 

She supports her global client base to create magnetic messaging that helps them to magnify their income, and their impact. 

As they build heart-centered networks of loyal fans and clients across the world. 

Suzy is also a Hay House author, international keynote speaker, and a believer in miracles while being a mum to three wonderful kids. 

Here are your next steps…

If you have been in business and are ready to command a six-figure income, simply click the button above and apply to access the training.

Applying has no cost and the training is FREE to watch.

Clicking the button will take you down the page where you’ll be prompted to fill a short form. Please be as thorough as you can.

After you’ve sent your application, my team will get back to you within 24 hours letting you know if you’ve been selected to access the training.

If you’re selected, you’ll receive further details and the link to access.

In this training you’ll discover…

  • Why my unique 2-Part Framework is and how it can create a quantum shift in your thinking, your capacity to receive, and on the impact you can have on the world.
  • The deep energy work and modern business strategies to get out of the feast and famine cycle ASAP.
  • The exact roadmap to allow 6-figures (or more) in the next year.
  • How you can take your offers to the next level and command the income you’ve always desired.
  • And much, much more!
In under 2 hours, I’ll show you everything I discovered to create a million-dollar (and more) business in less than a year… and you get to skip the trial & errors (🎉)



After you have the 2-Part Framework, and all the knowledge you need to map your own 6-figure (or more) success…

…I’ll extend an invitation for you to work with me and my expert team in The Freedom Experience where we can work together on growing your business for the next year… if you want to take that next step with us.


The team and I are super reserved with whom we make an invitation to. 

We only work with our dreamboat clients who…

  • Are coachable and willing to do the work.
  • Can receive feedback with grace and implement the suggested strategies.
  • Allow themselves to be vulnerable and are authentic in what they do.
  • Want to deepen and widen their spiritual connection.
  • Have the desire to create a BIG impact on the lives of their clients & the world.

Even if you feel like this might not be you, I encourage you to apply because the training is extremely valuable. 

You’ll walk away with key strategies and mindset shifts like never before. 

The unique 2-Part Framework, the Money Map, how to get out of the feast-or-famine cycle and have consistent income months… all of this and more will be revealed in the private training.

Working together in The Freedom Experience is an optional next step for you.

So go ahead, and apply for your invitation to access the exclusive training.

What Freedomers who’ve applied the 2-Part Framework are saying…

Celebrating a massive win. First ever £30k cash in month and first ever 6 figure launch. And today I am doing the first day of my VIP mastermind and I’m in love with them all…so excited about 2021. Thank you all you lovely human beings xxx


3 clients signed up from my launch!!! Launch was 1 week ago and the offer was my 6 month Pilates Business Launch Pad at £1999 which is double what I charged last launch.


Exchange received: £8,752 Absolutely astounded at the first sign up, the full amount straight into my PayPal. The thrill of that happening was unforgettable. The most money I’d ever received in one go from a work gig.


✨ Celebrating ✨ my best financial month in business! I’ve hit 13k + this month, and have consistently earned 10k + since January which is so beautiful #moreplease


Celebrating another Personal Client saying YES!!! That’s £14,400!! 🌟💜🙏 Leah Freeman [#teamsuzy Sales Lead] I was channeling you, focusing on the results and did not even need to go into theta healing, let alone do a taster!! This is how I roll now 💃😘


Celebrating this today! Hit $10k through kajabi.


You can also experience these breakthrough results and so much more.

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