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The Freedom Experience is a radically different 12-month group coaching experience. Expect next level, jaw-dropping, quantum magic, coupled with coaching from world class coaches, every single day!

You are ready to

  • Work less for more money
  • Increase your passive income stream
  • Create a multiple 6 figure impact
  • Make money in your sleep and while you take luxury vacays!
  • Receive world-class coaching
  • Take radical responsibility for yourself
  • Stand fully in your personal power
  • Use your money as a force for good in the world
If you feel the nudge, join me!

Step this way for transformation!

In this program, you will learn how to create, launch, sell and scale your offers. You will create the personal, professional, financial and emotional freedom you’ve always dreamed of, whilst helping more people than ever before.

This program will transform your life and business and give you the freedom to do or be anything you desire!
You’ll be confident and fully in a place of trust that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!
You’ll be in a place of great clarity with a crystal clear vision for your path ahead 
You’ll have a successful multiple 6 figure business
 You’ll have a connected community packed with your dreamboat clients
You’ll be creating impact on a global scale
You’ll have completely transformed your energy and the way you show up in all areas of your life
I want The Freedom Experience

This is what you’ll receive inside:

💫 Fortnightly Group Coaching calls (1 Training / 1 Q&A) with me You’ll get access to me in small pod groups, which will allow you to go deeper and make radical shifts.

💫 Monthly 30 minute 1-2-1 Strategy Call with your Freedom Coach This intensive session will keep you accountable and moving forwards with your goals within the Freedom Code experience

💫 Private Facebook Group For all members within the FE – this is where you receive support, advice and knowledge of a group of committed, first-class, conscious leaders. 

💫 Weekly Momentum Mastermind These sessions are based on the Freedom Code pillars and will give you the opportunity to up level your success within a high-vibe container 

💫 Weekly Copy Critique  Every week you will have the opportunity to get your copy critiqued by one of our coaches to help elevate your offer creation, have jaw-dropping launches, and achieve high ticket sales.

 💫 Weekly Group Sales Call Each week you’ll receive coaching in energy and sales mastery using the framework of the Freedom Code

 💫 Weekly Group Results and Prosperity Call Helping you up level and stand in a place of abundance and assuredness. You’ll answer the question: who do I need to be to absolutely Quantum Shift my results? Every single week. Powerful way of staying on track!

💫 Weekly Group Facebook Ads call Bringing the latest FB Ad news to help cement your offer and energy and coaching

💫 6 x Group Subconscious Transformation Sessions These monumental sessions allow you to tap into the Freedom Code energy work to achieve transformation across all areas of your life and business

💫 Access to Message Mastery Program This program will help you tweak your messaging to achieve quantum level success

💫 Access to Sales School with Soul Program This program has all the components to help you accelerate your business and achieve sales mastery

💫 Access to Magic Money Program Here’s the winning formula for both energy and mastery transformation in your business and life. I revisit this program ALL THE TIME – it’s fucking gold. If I need a shift I watch my own content!

💫 Access to Mindful Messaging Makeover The ultimate program to bring together messaging and mindset to help you within the Freedom Code experience. I recommend that EVERY time you set a new goal you come back to this course. I do!

💫 Access to 120 Days of Creative Social Content This program will help you find the joy in socials and reach the next level in your content creation. Use this to map out 3 months of SM content in one go!

💫 Access to the Genius Zone Strategic Library This incredible library is packed with programs to help you elevate and succeed

💫Access to Transcendence Monthly transmissions – potent combination of Suzy’s teaching and Q&A sessions on money, power and wealth

💫Weekly Kundalini Yoga Session  The embodiment piece with Freedom Coach

You want all this, AND the most amazing 12 months of your life so far?!

If you feel the nudge, join me!

I don’t do normal.

I don’t do beige.

I don’t do vanilla.

I’m here for extraordinary!

The Freedom Experience is an extraordinary program for extraordinary people. 

When you join you’ll learn the exact system that helped me scale from £400K to multi-millions during a worldwide pandemic, when the rest of the world closed down. 

Inside you’ll find exactly what you need to totally transform your life. So far 160 conscious leaders have been through this container and made millions and had incredible impact on a global scale.

What will The Freedom Experience do for me?

This is THE program to invest in to help you build THE business and live THE life you want.

Joining The Freedom Experience will help you create a next level life and business.

It will cause a quantum shift in the way that you have been thinking about yourself, your capacity to receive, and your impact on the world.

Our goal is to give you 10x the value in all the tools, support, systems and value we deliver!

I have created the ultimate program to elevate your success and ability to receive. 

It’s a potent mix of energy and mindset work, combined with the very latest sales and marketing techniques.

I want to help you create an exquisite life from the inside out. 

But I can hear you…

Now is the time to step up and do things differently. There is no other time than now.

You can buy support BUT you can’t buy your time back – when the day is done, it’s done, gorgeous!

You have to consciously choose to create a masterpiece of a life, to act in alignment with your dreams and I’m here to help you do that.

Magical things drop out of the sky when you act in alignment with dreams and desires.

Acting in alignment with your dreams brings the magic!

Exactly what you’ll receive:

Fortnightly small group coaching POD’s with Suzy (max 20 in a POD)


5 x Weekly group Momentum Mastermind Sessions with a Freedom Coach (One hour)


Weekly group Calibrating to and Receiving Abundance with a Freedom Coach (One hour)


Weekly group Sales Call with a Freedom Coach (One hour)


Weekly group Facebook Ads Q&A Call with a Freedom Coach (One hour)


Monthly 30 minute 1-2-1 Strategy Call with your Freedom Coach


2 x Weekly 30 minute Quantum Flow with a Freedom Coach


1 x Weekly Kundalini Session with a Freedom Coach


15-minute laser coaching drop-in Sessions (max 1 per week)


Access to Transcendence with Suzy (every month live + access to recordings)


Freedom Codes Energy System™ every month with a Freedom Coach (One hour)


Access to the Strategic Training Online Hub – updated regularly


2 x Weekly Copy Critique via The Hub


Weekly Accountability Check-in’s


Quarterly Accountability Check-in’s (15 mins via Zoom)


6 x Group (every two months) Subconscious Transformation Sessions


Access to Message Mastery


Access to Sales School with Soul


Access to Magic Money


Access to Mindset Mastery


Access to Mindful Messaging Makeover


Access to 120 Days of Creative Social Content


Private Facebook Group




Pay in full


Pay in installments

Who will I become?

“Launches have felt so easy since joining The Freedom Experience. I love the container so much and I saw results so quickly. Every single day there’s something to hold you - and that holding all the time is life changing.”

Gemma Brady

“I’ve received structure, focus and support.”
“I didn’t know how to scale my business. I wanted to know how I can make £1 million doing what I do. I needed structure, support and focus, which was why saying YES to The Freedom Experience was the right choice for me.

Tash Mitch

“I made £25k in 3 months - it starts with saying Yes! Every person inside The Freedom Experience has danced with their courage and fear and has got out of their own way. It has helped me believe in myself.”

Amy Simpson

“It’s been the best year of my life. I was so scared. I’ve come so far. I’m stepping into my life unapologetically. I’m claiming my space. This experience has changed my life. The transformation and impact it’s had on my life is just phenomenal. It can’t be measured on a spreadsheet!”

Dory Walker

“I’ve come so far! When I joined the Freedom Experience I’d been self-employed for ages but I felt alone and chasing a dream. What I’ve been able to do over the last year has just been phenomenal. It’s been transformational.”

Kathy Bell

“It’s quantum as fuck! The Freedom Experience was a maiden to mother journey for me. It’s been quantum as fuck! I’ve gone from £20k to £90k a year. It’s been massive. I’m running 12 month programmes. Something has really activated inside me.”

Rae Amie Dwyer

“Thanks to Freedom Experience, I love sales calls! When I joined Freedom Experience I loathed sales calls. Now I love them! I don’t feel awkward anymore. I’m selling £5k packages without hesitation. Before Freedom Experience I made £7k annually. This year I’ve made £55k – six figures feels inevitable for me now!”

Thalia Waddell

“The Freedom Experience helped me reach £103k last year! I now have the tools and the permission! I want to be a global sensation.”

Harriet Starling

“I’ve made nearly £70k since launch (2 months ago!). Celebrating £69,900 in sales since launching my business two months ago!”

Emma Colbeck

“I’m having consistent £10-£12k months! When I came in I was just about hitting 5K months. Since then I've consistently had 10 to 12K months. And I'm now at the stage where I'm looking into turning what once was a kind of solopreneur business into an agency. The Freedom Experience support network has really helped me get past the wobbles to the next stage.”

Polly Lavarello

“I made £162k in my business after joining FE! Just had to share what can happen when you commit to changing your life, and dedicate yourself to growth… What 12 months in the Freedom Experience has done to my business finances…Before FE: Annual revenue of £31k After FE: Annual revenue of £162k. Thank you Suzy Ashworth”

Aine Homer

“I just had a $76 launch! I am about to close the cart for my program… a launch of $76k! Celebration! Thank you for your support! I need to process that in one week I made $76k and that it will probably even increase by the end of the week (I haven’t sold the private program yet!)”

Mar Talanquer

Meet your Mentor

I’m so freakin’ excited that you’re here. Doing a happy dance right now! You’ve got the vision and the call – you’re so ready for magic activation. And I’m your practical, bold, audacious mentor. Welcome!

I’m Suzy Ashworth and I am here to create a tidal wave of positive impact, globally. 

Throughout this program, I will work closely with you to spot, embrace and release the blocks that hold you back. I will help you fulfill your divine purpose, your soul’s calling. I’m here for the multiple 6-figure business breakthroughs.

Combine my business savvy and mindset mastery as a certified Quantum Transformation & Embodiment Coach and you get to collapse the timeline. I can help you create FREEDOM in all areas of your life and business.

Join me and you’ll create more freedom, wealth and impact (without losing your shizzle).

I’m a mum of three, aged 11, 8 and 5 – I’m all about achieving the impossible. As well as mothering and running my multi-million pound business, I also do international speaking gigs and have a book published by Hay House. My company values are contribution, results and love.

I love coaching and I’m passionate about travel, connection and radical responsibility. My version of freedom is having time and space to be an incredible mum, connecting with conscious-leaders around the world, laughing (lots), AND creating a movement that supports impact-driven entrepreneurs to rise up in their lives and businesses.

This is what freedom looks like to me.
What does it looks like to you?

What does your version of freedom look like?

  • Maybe you like the idea of not having to work 9-5, Monday-Friday and being able to fit work around the rest of your life?
  • Maybe you’re drawn to the laptop lifestyle and would love to be able to work and travel at the same time, so you can see more of the world?
  • Maybe you’d like to earn more money than you need for the daily necessities, so you can both live a life of luxury and give back to your communities and make a positive impact?

All of this is possible and more.

Yes! I want this!

Who is The Freedom Experience for?

The Freedom Experience is perfect for you if:
  • You’ve been in business for at least a year and are consistently earning a minimum of £2.5K/month
  • You want to make a BIG impact in the world
  • You desire a BIG income for doing it
  • You want to deepen and widen your spiritual connection
  • You’re a high-achiever but need a boost to really step into what you know you’re capable of
  • Your first financial goal is consistent 10K months – and then the sky’s the limit

Frequently asked questions

Is this a mastermind?

Not in a traditional sense. It’s a group coaching program and a peer mastermind. You will benefit from your peers inside the private group and at certain times, you’ll receive coaching from me. Know that I’m 100% here for your success!

How much 1:1 time will I get with Suzy?

Participants can receive custom advice on the group coaching Q&A calls and inside the private FB group from me directly. You’ll also be assigned your personal accountability coach for additional monthly 1:1 support.

If you want a greater level of support directly from me, book a clarity call here. I have other programs that may support your needs better.

When will the calls take place?

The group calls will vary to accommodate time zones (these are subject to change when I’m travelling; you will always be provided with a schedule with any changes; the timetable will be given with at least 2 weeks’ notice). Calls are recorded and replays will be available in the membership hub.

How much time will I need to participate? How can I get the best results?

The time required to see success within The Freedom Experience is 3 – 5 hours per week, including the coaching calls. Alongside the coaching calls use the community and coaching team in the Facebook group and the resources and masterclasses in the membership hub.

More questions?
Book a call

The right fit?

Not sure if FE is the right fit for you? These are some of the concerns that clients have expressed right at the start (before going on to create highly profitable programs!). 

Contact a member of my team to talk through anything you feel may be holding you back.

Book a call

I’m scared of the investment

I understand it’s an investment! And it’s our company policy to NEVER put anyone in undue financial strain, so if it’s not feasible right now we completely understand and we look forward to working with you in the future when the timing is right!

But I did want to make sure you saw that we have a super accessible monthly payment plan? You can start at that smaller payment, then we’ll get you bringing in more revenue in the first few weeks, by creating your aligned offer and mapping out your first launch within the first 45 days. Most people make their money back by day 60. 

One thing to consider is how much you’ll charge for your own program. If you charge £5k you only need to make 4 enrollments to have ROI… and you’ll have the tools to do that over and over again and grow it, for years! You’re creating an asset and systems worth so much more.

I know it’s a meaningful investment. Our goal is to give you 10x the value in all the tools, support, systems and value we deliver!

While we can’t promise results, I can tell you that our clients have had ROI with their first launches, usually in the first 4-6 weeks of joining.

I’m not sure it’s the right fit for me

The Freedom Experience is not a program for beginners. You must have a proven offer and audience (even if you’re not seeing huge growth yet). 

Contact one of our Freedom coaches to talk through other options to help you grow. Click Here.

  • It’s not for those who don’t like being called on their own BS.
  • It’s not for those who can’t be vulnerable or authentic.
  • It’s not for whiners & complainers.

I’m already in another program or mastermind

Yes! That’s great news. I’m also in multiple intensive coaching programs right now. It’s important to have mentors and support channels for different things.

Think of it like a board of directors for your life/business – a team of advisors all supporting you in their unique areas of expertise.

I don’t have enough time to commit to this

In this program we teach maximum efficiency and productivity. I can help you collapse the timeline. I can help relieve you of some of that workload with just a few small tweaks. 

Every day you don’t get these systems in place, you are missing out on sales and subscribers. Are you turning down clients right now because you are overwhelmed? We can help you streamline the whole process so that you feel joyful about working with your clients and have so much more freedom – both financial and time freedom.

I can help you make quantum fucking leaps!

I don’t know if this will work for me

I know from the outside it can be hard to “see” yourself in other successful results from my clients – it can feel so far away and not your current reality! But I assure you – every single one of the testimonials you see and our success stories now, started out just like you: terrified to take the leap and make such a big investment in themselves.

My strategies have worked for so many others in your exact situation. 

This is why I include mindset mastery in the program – to move through these feelings coming up around not feeling ready/good enough/worthy of success.

I can’t commit to 12 months right now

The program is very intentionally designed to be 12 months, because we’ve seen that is the ideal timeframe for you to get the absolute best results. That gives us time to support you to package, position and sell your offer so that you have a scalable business and can really create freedom and make your business work for you.

I want to make sure you have the time to practice, maintain and stabilize everything – I don’t want to have the win and then slip back into old patterns or habits. 

You’ll see amazing progress and results in the first 30-60 days; most people make their entire investment back in this time, but I want to really make sure this is your new normal. I want to make sure you have all the support you need to embody this new level in your life and business.

The program is a 12 month commitment and not a membership or subscription that can be cancelled – we are committing fully to you, and you’re committing to the programme.

What could The Freedom Experience do for you?

Carmelle Gentle

IBCLC and Tongue Tie Practitioner, Independent Midwife at Gentle Births and Beyond

Thalia Pellegrini

Founder of Thalia Pellegrini Nutrition and the Knackered Mums Nutritionist

Samantha Carbon

UKCP London psychotherapist

Dory Walker

Director at YogaKutir, Author, Teacher Trainer

Rae Dwyer

Spiritual Mentor 

Kathy Bell

Breathwork, Spiritual Mentor & Soul Connection Guide


Pay in full


Pay in installments

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