Hey beautiful,

Repeat after me…

Hey beautiful,

Repeat after me…

This is not my regular type of sales page. I want you to think of this as a love note from my soul to yours. Why so? Because this is not my regular type of programme.

This is a money, and timeline quantum shift experience embedded into an offering created from a moment in my life and business when everything changed for me.

Now it’s time to share this with you.

The seed for Magic Money was first planted after I had my biggest month in business up to that point. I wrapped up that particular month with £53k.

There was this clear moment when I felt a massive amount of gratitude for being able to acknowledge and say, ‘I just received my largest cash month since starting my business five  years ago.’ 

The following month I felt compelled to create this program where I broke down everything I did from an energetic and mindset perspective to allow myself to create and receive this level of abundance.

Even without any updates, this program is GOLD.

Before that month, the last time I received close to this amount in my business was back in January 2018.

But there was a BIG difference in the way I generated the money. In January 2018, it took a boatload of hustle in the form of:

  • A massive launch.
  • Three consecutive back-to-back webinars. 
  • 180 slides. 
  • A 5-day challenge.
  • Opt-in pages.
  • £8000 spent on Facebook ads.
  • A free Facebook group.
  • 10s of welcome emails, reminder emails, now’s your last chance emails. 
  • Not speaking to my family for 2 weeks.
  • Frantically checking on my PayPal every 2 minutes.
  • Thinking, thinking, and considering what would move my clients into taking action?

Fast forward to June 2019, my largest cash month to that point; and this is what it looked like to create Magic Money:

  • No big launch. 
  • One webinar.
  • Two live workshops.
  • NO additional money was spent on Facebook ads. 
  • NO opt-in pages.
  • NO emails.
  • NO free Facebook group. 
  • NO complicated funnels.
  • NO frantic behaviour.
  • NO ignoring my family because I’m in ‘launch mode’.
  • Feeling safe going to the beach every day. 
So what changed?

At first glance, it may seem that my strategy changed.

But that was not it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been working on my mindset and who I want to be for the last 20 years. However, this focus was particularly accelerated in the previous 5 years since starting my business. But the month after facilitating a life-changing retreat in Barcelona, I changed. 

At first, the changes were subtle. 

Things that I had heard many, many times before, I now really heard in a whole new way for the first time. 

  • I understood what it meant to feel safe to say no. And did so without guilt.
  • I was able to understand what it meant to align energetically.
  • I felt this alignment in everything I did and said.
  • I could finally see where I was blocking myself.
  • I could understand and embody what I needed to do to open myself up to fully receiving.

And the result. 

One of the cliché headlines about being able to earn what I used to earn in a year in just one month became my reality.

Since that first BIG month of June of 2019, I’ve gone on to build a multi-million-pound brand.

And, we are now creating multiple 6-figure months.

In fact, since then, we have had 

  • 18 consecutive 6-figure months
  • Our lowest revenue month since then has been £98k
  • And I was able to jump from £98k months to £154k months

And guess what?? No big launch there either!

SO much has expanded since that first quantum shift.

There are things where my understanding has gotten deeper and there has been a whole load of new lessons I have mastered over the last three years to get me to where I am today and this is why the Millionaire’s Edition was born!
Now, I want to share how I got here, and what has changed since that first massive shift. 
In this programme, I am going to break down step-by-step and share what I do to not just have a one-off Magic Money month, but what I learned to keep the flow of Magic Money running on demand.

Sounds brilliant, right?
In this programme, I am going to break down step-by-step and share what I do to not just have a one-off Magic Money month, but what I learned to keep the flow of Magic Money running on demand.

Sounds brilliant, right?

And so my gift, my friend, is sharing precisely what happened to create this ongoing growth for me.

Because here’s what I know to be true.

Whether you’re looking to increase your income to £53K a month, as I did in that first quantum shift,

or your opening yourself up to the magic of consistent six-figure months and beyond

The thing that will make the difference is NOT what it is that you’re doing. 

  • It’s not how hard you’re working.
  • It’s never been about that.
  • And it’s not even what it is you’re thinking. 

I know, I know, you may have heard the classic saying ‘thoughts become things’ a thousand times, right?

But no.

I know, I know, you may have heard the classic saying ‘thoughts become things’ a thousand times, right?

But no.

Learning to step into Magic Money is about who you are being in this very moment.

This is about HOW to expand your capacity to receive bigger than you ever imagined, without subconsciously blocking the money.


Which is absolutely 80% an energetic game. 


And so my gift, my friend, is to lift the lid on exactly what I did and did not do back then to allow that magic money month, and beyond.

And luckily, I did not stop there. 

This was just the beginning of opening to MORE MAGIC MONEY than I even envisioned to that point.

The beautiful side note about the experience of my BIG month, is that I had documented the whole process as I went. 

So the juicy bits; prompts, practices, and perspective shifts were all there for me to take and create massive value for you.

Thank you, journal. 
Thank you, voice notes. 

That’s when I originally created Magic Money because I knew I had to share the shift and potential with you. NOW, it’s time for the next quantum shift – that’s why the Magic Money – Millionaires Edition is next level MAGIC.

What I realized then, and have gone way deeper on since, is that there are FIVE elements that make the most significant difference! 







  • What changed? 
  • How did I open myself?
  • How did I give myself permission to receive more?
  • What did it feel like emotionally? 
  • What did it feel like physically? 
  • What were my ahas? 
  • What were my triggers? 
  • How did I flip the script? 
  • How did I step into trust? 
  • How did I step into allowing? 
  • How did I step into receiving?


  • How did I move from doing ALL of the things into only doing the things that felt good to me?
  • How did I know what to say yes to and what to say no to?
  • How did I know to trust myself?
  • What was I doing outside of the business activity that was making a difference in  how I was showing up inside my business?
  • What the freaking hell did sex have to do with my manifestations?
  • How does a type-A  overachiever allow for more ease?


  • What did I learn about giving and receiving?
  • How did I need to look at generosity differently to open myself up to a whole new level of receiving?
  • How had I been totally getting it wrong when it came to my mindset around giving?
  • What was the role that generosity played in helping me shift from always wondering, ‘What if this is going to run out?’ and moving into creating true abundance?


  • How I tuned into my intuition and created a whole new business model that felt wholly aligned. 
  • What I needed to do to open myself up to more intuitive hits. 
  • What I needed to realise to differentiate between my brain and my heart. 
  • The difference between fear and excitement. 
  • How to know when fear was blocking me from tuning in to what was real. 
  • How I had to use my intuition to expand my capacity to receive abundance in all areas of my life.


  • How I accessed a whole new level of creativity.
  • How I realised that creativity wasn’t just about content, what I am writing, saying, and putting out into the world. 
  • How to maximise the relationship between creativity, creation, and allowing. 
  • Understanding the relationship between earning, allowing, and receiving.

ALL of this intimate juicy content will be included in the MAGIC MONEY programme and a whole lot more.


Thank you for shining a light on how we can ask and receive when we CHOOSE to ALLOW. I feel so good. I feel so ME. And yes, this is allowing me to give and receive all sorts of abundance, including financial.

~ Aine Homer


This is the biggest month I’ve ever had (minus when I produced my wedding show as 100% of what I took went back into the show) can’t quite believe it’s only the 8th

~ Simone Hayles

Because what I want you to understand is, whilst we’re leading with money, what we’re talking about is the energy of receiving in all areas of your life. There truly is no separation.

And so whether you’re motivated by money or not, if you know that you are not receiving the amount of; 






In your life…

If there is any area that you desire to be receiving more in…

The information I’m sharing in Magic Money applies to you too!

And so the only question is:

If the answer is yes, then you need to join Magic Money. 

The content will be pre-recorded audio and video, which are easily accessible to you anytime 


And you will have access to them FOR LIFE!

Consistent 7K months & No. 1 Amazon Bestseller…


This has been magic – my investment in myself this year was doing Message Marketing and Magic Money. The thing that really struck me was the need for more generosity towards myself, others and particularly my husband. This week finally sold my house (been delayed for 3 months), have been booked for 5 births so far this year (over double last years total), filled my first antenatal course (managed that this week), and got booked for first birth in 2020 and first ever private antenatal sessions in November  through an instagram recommendation. This week I made £1000 which may not seem much to some but is half of what I made in a year last year! And I’m having so much fun. Getting that lovely buzzy feeling from serving clients and generally feeling on top of life 🥰

~ Alex Burner

You may be thinking…

No, I can’t do that.

Or, Well, it worked for you, Suzy, but I’m not “there” yet.

Or, I’ve already done the mindset work.

Or perhaps, This “magic” stuff isn’t logical, I need practical steps to take!

Or,  You KNOW that you want to get to the next level, you just aren’t sure of the very next step to take.

And I get it. Believe me, I was right there with you.

I’m here to tell you that the old way of DOING is no longer relevant or working.

Maybe it’s time to consider that you are poised for prosperity right now.


And maybe, just maybe, you’re much closer than you believe, and you need to see someone who shares the strategy AND the Magic, and reveals the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of what it actually takes to get there.


In Magic Money – The Millionaire Edition, I will show you exactly what I did, step-by-practical AND magical steps).

No more sitting & waiting for the manifestation.

In Magic Money I will show you the breakdown of the doing AND the Being of my quantum shift into Magic Money (on repeat!)


This week has opened me up in so many ways.
I haven’t felt this on fire with my business for quite a while.

~ Anna Le Grange

Consistent 7K months & No. 1 Amazon Bestseller…


What an amazing, inspirational journey this has been. I started the week as one person and will finish with a completely different mindset 🤩 and a whole new perspective.

~ Adele Kelly


This program is a gift from me to you, and the investment reflects that.


  • A 10-module program delivered to you as pre-recorded sessions, so you can access it anytime on your own schedule.
  • The #1 objective is for you to blow your own mind and receive more money than you ever have before in your life.
Current investment starts at

£1555 + vat

(the final entry-level price will be £2222 + vat)

  • A 10-module program delivered to you as pre-recorded sessions, so you can access it anytime on your own schedule.
  • The #1 objective is for you to blow your own mind and receive more money than you ever have before in your life.

£1111 + vat

(the final entry-level price will be £2222 + vat)


Huge thanks Suzy for your honesty and inspiration, and to everyone else for sharing and helping me have those aha! moments… This week has been amazing and transformational in thinking shifts. I’m really connecting with my hubby and kids better nowt, and I’ve had some great ideas of how to step into my space. I’ve been saying ‘I am an award winning photographer.’ What do I need to do? Enter competitions and win one!! . I’m also applying to wedding and baby fairs to find those dreamboats.

~ Sophia Travers

Consistent 7K months & No. 1 Amazon Bestseller…


This is some kind of vodoo. Lol! This may seem small. But it’s a big win for me and I’m feeling all kinds of worthiness I haven’t experienced before. I called in £1350 in 3 days. That’s more than what I earned last month. 

~ Simone Hayles





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