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Your Business is only a few steps away from being an impactful, 7-figure Business

And I get to say that with confidence because I grew my business from £400k to £2m in sales

in a time of…

…worldwide recession
…global pandemic
…and an almost year-long lockdown

So it is abso-fkn-loutely possible for you to reach your first 7-figure milestone and I’m going to show you how

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Imagine if this was your life…

Clients showing up out of nowhere and immediately putting down a deposit because they want to work with you #truestory (Rae, yes we’re talking about you!)
You’re filled to the brim for your launch and can’t take anymore clients for the next couple of months, and clients who got left out are paying you to be on your waitlist #truestory (this was Mar within 90 days of joining the program!)
You’ve had consistent £25,000+ months… and you haven’t even done the official launch yet! #truestory (Hi fives Donna!)
Making DOUBLE the money than your expectations and knowing how much the additional cash means to your family #truestory

(Congratulating you Rachel)

You’re laughing at how far you’ve come. From being afraid of even looking at your books in March 2020… to having a turnover £180,000+ in March 2021! #truestory (Kate, you’re amazing!)

You finally have a successful, profitable impact-driven business


*These true stories are not from a bygone era like, 2019.

They’re being made RIGHT NOW. These are all real people whom you’re invited to play in the leagues with…


A 12-month, transformational peer mastermind, where you will go way beyond surface-level success to create a life and business that helps you embody personal and professional, financial and spiritual freedom.

Create your 7-figure impact
What you receive over the 12 months

To drive momentum and support you

3 group coaching calls per month


Your new network of like-minded cheerleaders

Access to a private, members-only Voxer & Facebook Group


A library to help you in your expansion

Access to hundreds of hours of top-level business strategies & mindset videos


Keep the quantum fields in check

Access to weekly Quantum flow & subconscious reprogramming sessions in The Freedom Experience and Transcendence

Join Ascend

I am about to close the cart for my program (supposedly closing on the 20th) because right now I have 16 women confirmed… a launch of 76k USD!!!!! So celebration definitely……..thank you for your support!!! And yes.. definitely I need to process that in one week I made 76k USD (I was ready haha) and that probably it will increase by the end of the week (and I haven’t sold the private program yet!)


Embodiment & Co-Active Coach

I’m having a ball and thanks so much for all you give, your calm and guidance. We have 11 in SS which is 24.5 K and the YTT balances that came in last month were 16.5 K so TOTAL 41K plus 2 K classes wonderfully abundant and more please. Taking a few low key days – writing lots of ideas and doing the 90 days again xxxxx


Yoga Teacher at YogaKutir in Clifton, Bristol UK

Meet your Mentor

Suzy Ashworth is a multiple seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach with the superpower to help entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business so that they too can expand into a limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world.

With her signature program, The Freedom Experience, numerous business-meets-soul products, The Limitless Life Experience podcast, an inclusive Facebook group, and online and in-person mentoring, Suzy has supported thousands of entrepreneurs who have wanted to make a difference.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Grazia, and The BBC. She supports her global client base to create magnetic messaging that helps them to magnify their income, and their impact, as they build heart-centered networks of loyal fans and clients across the world.

Suzy is also a Hay House author, international keynote speaker, and a believer in miracles who is a mum to three wonderful kids. Always open to the experiences life has to offer, Suzy also lived in Mexico and Spain with her family, and is now back in the UK.

Let's do the damn thing

I  just want to talk to the power of this container and how amazing it is. I’ve been in marketing for 10 years. I like to think that strategy runs through my veins. My knowledge was never the problem. It was totally about stepping up to the bar. It was about fear around so many things.

What I feel with The Freedom Experience is that I now have the toolkit to see those things when they happen and then to manage them. And I’ve got this beautiful container to come into and speak to that when that’s happening.

When I came in I was just about hitting 5K months. By January I think I’d had my first 10K month. And what’s really beautiful is, since then I’ve consistently had 10 to 12K months. And I’m now at the stage where I’m looking into turning what once was a kind of solopreneur business into an agency.



Facebook Ad Strategist & Funnel Expert 

So many things happened after I said yes…It took me about 8 weeks to reposition my offer, what I was selling and completely reorganising…I did my first practice launch in November…and I made £7000… I think I had made £3000 in the last 2.5/3 years. It had taken me that long to work it out…I’ve made 20k in the last 4 months. This is life changing. The word is freedom, suddenly I feel expansive. I am so freaking excited for the whole of this year and all the plans that I have…I feel abundant for the first time in a really long time.



Founder & Mama Tiger at LaLa Tigers

Let me introduce you to the exact system that helped me scale from £400K to 7+ figures during a worldwide pandemic when the rest of the world closed down.
It’s called…


This system is a delicious mix of energy and mindset work, and latest sales and marketing techniques.

It is this system that will take your business to a whole new level of success, but…

You need to cause a quantum shift in the way that you have been thinking about yourself, your capacity to receive, and have an impact on the world.

(Let’s face it.. If you already had a multiple 6/7-figure mindset your business would already be where you want it to be)



Ascend is my brand new program for high achievers – ambitious, impact-driven creatives, coaches & healers who are being called to step up to the next level and beyond
You are ready to


  • Hit multiple 6 figures
  • Embrace your core mission
  • Impact the world
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Upgrade your way of being
  • Lead a team of rockstars

Ascend is not your average group coaching program.


You know the one where you’re left floundering on your own, trying to figure it all out? Or you don’t get direct access to the mentor? Or you get a load of outdated strategies?

Many clients come to me after nothing else has worked – to finally find the “right fit” in terms of strategy and community. My coaches and I have been in this industry for years and have worked with hundreds of clients. I know what it feels like when the “traditional” way doesn’t work for you.

I’ve thrown the rule book out of the window! I’ve created a whole new way of doing things.

Ascend will give you everything you need in one place.

I promise you’ve never been part of such a supportive or comprehensive program.

With Ascend you will…


Create, launch, sell and scale your service to high level, high-paying dream boat clients.
Do it in a way that allows you to amplify your income, and your impact, WITHOUT you sacrificing your time, your freedom or your family.

Work with people who are prepared (and happy) to pay for your services and the transformation you provide.

Special Abundance & Bonuses

Because I’m rooting for you, and want you to enjoy uninhibited success…you will also have access to all my other products at no cost!


Message Mastery
Magic Money
Sales School with Soul
Clarity Calls
Your Why
Content & Challenges
Mindset Mastery
Business Growth

Just had to share what can happen when you commit to changing your life, and dedicate yourself to growth… What 12 months in the Freedom Experience has done to my business finances…

Before FE: Annual revenue of £31k

After FE: Annual revenue of £162k

Thank you Suzy Ashworth



Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady

Eeeek just worked out my total income so far this year…£103,150!!

Target was £100k for the year!

Last year my revenue was £40k. Ready to receive so much more!



Birth Trauma Specialist, Energy Healer & Teacher and Transformation Coach

Frequently asked questions

Who is Ascend for?

Ascend is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been in business for at least a year or 2, consistently earning a minimum of £2.5K/month
  • You want to make a BIG impact in the world.
  • You desire a BIG income for doing it.
  • You want to deepen and widen your spiritual connection.
  • You’re a high-achiever but need a boost to really step into what you know you’re capable of.

Your first financial goal is consistent 10K months – and then the sky’s the limit.

Who it’s not for:

Ascend is not for beginners. You must have a proven offer and audience (even if you’re not seeing huge growth yet).

It’s not for those who don’t like being called on their own BS.

It’s not for those who can’t be vulnerable or authentic.

It’s not for whiners & complainers.

Is this a Mastermind?

It’s a group coaching program and a peer mastermind. You will benefit from your peers inside the private Voxer group and in special events,  you will receive coaching from me on the group calls and in the Voxer group.

How much 1:1 time will I get with Suzy?

Participants can receive custom advice on the group coaching Q&A calls and inside the Voxer group from me directly. If you sign up to Illuminate you will get access to the 6 in-person Masterminds with Suzy.

When will the calls take place?

The group calls are usually on Thursdays at 12pm BST (these are subject to change when I’m travelling; you will always be provided with a schedule with any changes; the timetable will be given with at least 2 weeks’ notice). Calls are recorded and replays will be available in the membership hub.

How much time will I need to participate? How can I get the best results?

The time required to see success within Ascend is 3 – 5 hours per week, including the coaching calls. Alongside the coaching calls you can also access all The Freedom Experience calls and use the community and coaching team in the Facebook group and the resources and masterclasses in the membership hub.

How much does it cost?

The investment is £40K + VAT. If you pay in full you get a discount + if you sign up within the next 5 days you will get the bonuses!

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