2024: The Year of Creating
Unstoppable Momentum in your

Business + Your Life


For Coaches, Healers, Experts who are ready to use Simple Smart Strategies
to Create a Quantum Transformation in both your business and your life. 


You’ve set your sights on 2024 being your biggest year in business.

That means that no matter how last year went you know that if you want to get different results you are going to have to approach this year differently.

The reality is that 2023 was a ‘different’ kind of year for the online coaching space. Whilst some businesses skyrocketed and excelled, many businesses recalibrated to the global market adjustment that happened in 2022 and 2023.

After taking my foot off the accelerator pedal to write my book and still crossing 7+ figures in revenue for the 3rd consecutive year in a row. This is what I saw with the people who struggled to make their mark:
  • A lack of clarity on what to do next whether they had experienced previous success or not.
  • Inconsistent cash flow.
  • A lack of understanding in how to create more daily freedom in their business (through team and system support).
  • Lack of confidence generally when it comes to money both investing and creating an abundance of it.
  • Inconsistent launch results eroding confidence.
  • Inconsistent conversion content.
  • Inconsistent selling.
Here’s what I saw with the people that were growing:
  • Simple systems creating easy execution.
  • Consistent selling.
  • Consistent content creation.
  • Visibility in the marketplace.

What I saw personally with the clients that I worked with that were winning was that whilst each of their approaches were unique there were certain foundational practices that supported their growth. The less complicated the system the easier it was for them to implement.

Sarah Madigan

Coach, Speaker & Founder of Joy Movement

Yinka Ewuola

Founder of Calla Success Systems, Business Strategist, Trainer, Consultant & Dynamic Transformation Coach

I am going to break it down right here on this sales page for you.
  • Simple Smart System for
    consistent content that converts.
  • Simple smart systems for selling their irresistible offers.
  • Simple Smart systems for managing their mindset and their energy.
These are the systems that myself and my team will show, share and adapt with you for your business in The Momentum Portal Mastermind.
If you’re ready to create exponential growth for yourself in your business this year.
Dina Silbermann

Mindset & Career Coach

Natasha Chimuya

 Property Lawyer, Developer & Founder and CEO of Diaspora Connect


Is a 12 month implementation Mastermind where we combine my love of the deep inner work that will amplify your joy, happiness and your manifestation abilities with Simple Smart Strategies that you will implement in your business to create your biggest year in business yet.

It is EXTREMELY rare for you to find a coaching container in the marketplace that holds equal space for both the energetic and strategic work within the same portal.

And if I am being very honest I haven’t actually seen it and certainly not the way that we are delivering it and this is why I am so excited to see the success that you get to achieve in this space because this is what is going to set you up for success.

The team and I will provide you with simple yet smart strategies to implement consistently.

In this space the focus is on simple but easy to implement structures so that your creative intuition and the magic part of you can fly.

  • The job is to reduce the overwhelm.
  • Give you a clear focus.
  • And what the compound effect transforms your money and your mindset as you finally create the business that is going to honour the legacy you want to create.

We are going to be with you every step of the way.

These systems and strategies I will be using to create more income and impact in my business than I have since 2020 (£6 million) in revenue.

And the thing that I’m most excited about is being able to spot so quickly where you are in the wobble – because of the accountability structures we have in place AND be able to support you to get back on track quickly.

Growing your business is growing our business, it does not need to be complicated.


In fact the more simple it is the easier it is to scale and help more people.

Most of the time complication arises because we are not doing the basics which means that we over emphasise big elaborate launches which if we don’t pull off leave us feeling like imposters.

This year is about creating exponential growth, through seeing the compound effect of following through on simple smart systems.

And we’re going to do it together.

In the Momentum Portal.

Where strategy meets energetics and business leaders are born.

This container is comprehensive but the focus will be on Simple Smart Systems for :

  • Customers.
  • Compelling offers.
  • Content.
  • Conversion.

What will your year look like?

As we go through the year, tracking your progress and helping you to optimise your success with a super clear plan of action is our number one priority.

This is why we will be keeping things super simple with everything we create designed to help you achieve MORE sales.

Are you in? 

What do you get when you come and play?

3 x Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Suzy
VALUE £10,000

Monthly 1-2-1 with your Momentum Portal Coach VALUE £6000

1 x Weekly group Momentum Hot Seat with your Momentum Portal Coaches VALUE £4800

Daily Voxer Q&A Group VALUE £8888

Monthly group Breathwork Session VALUE £600

Monthly group Dissolve Your Stories and Break Through Your Blocks Session VALUE £2400

Weekly group Mantra Sessions VALUE £600

Weekly group Quantum Flow Sessions VALUE £600

Implementation sessions twice a week VALUE £5000

Access to the Training Vault  VALUE £2500

Access to The Gateway Member’s Club VALUE £132

Everything that Suzy releases under the Infinite Receiving umbrella VALUE £6,666

Complimentary ticket to Infinite Receiving Live VALUE £111

Daily Prompts VALUE £111


Your Bonuses:

Sales Tracker

Sales Sprints once a quarter where we will give you daily prompts to help you generate more sales.

Number one customer re-engagement email template and funnel.

**Plus trainings that will support you with:

Simple Smart Lead Generation.

Simple Smart Sales Calls.

Simple Smart Selling on Videos.

Simple Smart Community Building.

Simple Smart Selling in the DMs’.

Simple Smart Selling on IG stories.

Simple Smart High Ticket Selling.

Simple Smart Selling via email.

Simple Smart Selling on your podcast.

Simple Smart Memberships.



** to be delivered throughout your time in The Momentum Portal.

Nina de Sausmarez

Empowerment Coach

Tina Pavlou

International Master Theta Healer, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Certificate of Science and Sacred Feminine Facilitator

Meet your Mentor

Suzy Ashworth is a single mum of three children, high school dropout, Hay House author, international keynote speaker, multiple seven-figure success coach, and serial entrepreneur on a mission. She has worked with 1000’s of impact driven leaders in business to create quantum shifts in their lives and their businesses over the last 9 years and her vision is to raise the vibration of humanity through helping people consciously create freedom, joy and abundance through sharing the secrets of how to tap into the frequency of Infinite Receiving.


I joined because it was time that I started making the big impact I desired in my business.

I know I am great at what I do, and I knew that the only thing holding me back was me.

At first the investment really scared me. What if I couldn’t make it back? What if I wasted all this money on something that didn’t work (again)?

But the energy called me.
The integrity of the space called me.

And I jumped in… and I’m glad I did!

Because in just over 3 months of joining I paid off my investment (and some) by having a $42k launch – HOLY SHIT! This was huge for me!

In the past I could never have dreamed of receiving so much at one time, but the process that Suzy and her team take you through, made it easy to step up into making that a reality for me!

I know that I would never have done this without Suzy and her team behind me. They reminded me of my greatness. They didn’t allow me to play small and the momentum and high calibre of the group ignites more of my magic!

Big thanks to Suzy and her team

Nik Chung
Soulful Business Coach and Mentor




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