For changemakers, coaches, consultants and conscious leaders who already know that



You’re in the right place if you…

Are feeling activated. You have a dream, a vision, a mission to change the world

Know that the easiest way to create quantum shifts is when you are being witnessed, held and supported

Recognise that this is your time, that your gifts are NEEDED in the world right now.

Let’s be real

There has never been a more challenging time in the collective human history of the world.

What with a never-before-seen pandemic, the wrath of nature with wild bush fires in some parts of the world, marches on governments, followed up with newer waves of COVID-19…

If you’re feeling tired, worn down and confused by the chaos… you’re not alone. 



If you’re asking yourself the questions:

Is it possible for me to keep on growing in such a situation?

Is it realistic – or even fair – to be thinking about how I can put myself in a position where I can earn more money because of #allthethings that are going on in the world, or even in my personal life…

How can I co-create my future, when there is so much uncertainty right now?

I Get It.

And here’s what 2020 and 2021 have taught my most successful clients and me personally…

Life is not going to stop.

The craziness keeps on coming on a global scale.

And your life personally, will keep on coming too.

And what I know for sure is this:

It is totally possible to honour what is going on in life, in the world and in your own home.

Which means you can cry.

You can feel the pain.

You can feel the fear.


And contrary to popular belief (a.k.a ‘good vibes only’) you can still hold the frequency of receiving.
You can still amplify your income and your impact.
Without needing to pretend to yourself or the outside world that everything is just peachy….

(even when you only need to hop onto social media or switch on the news to know that it is not)

Why should you listen to me? How do I know this?

Because whilst so many people hopped, skipped and jumped into 2021, hoping, wishing and anticipating that this year was going to see a return to normality…

I was moving countries three times, with three children, navigating a separation after 15 years of partnership and marriage.

Happy 2021!

And yet, my business has continued to grow at a quantum rate.

August will be the 11th consecutive 6 figure month.

In April, we had our first multiple 6 figure cash received month.

The company has served more clients than it has before.



I have been able to take the time to be with myself and my family during what has been the toughest decision and transition we have had to make as a family.


I have taken the time to really process how much has changed, over the last 20 months and the impact of all those changes…

It has not been all hearts and flowers. AND it doesn’t need to be.

Here’s what you need to hear


Your voice as a conscious leader has never been more needed.

And your wealth and ability to receive has never been more required.

And if you know and feel that too.

I want to unlock things in you that you didn’t even know were available to you right now.

I want to share real-time growth with you.

Together we can create a vortex of magic.

I want to help you unleash your power…




When I look back at the last 18 months and unpick exactly HOW I’ve been able to keep on growing, evolving and RECEIVING, whilst feeling the feels and being.

THIS is the piece I knew I had to share. 


I know that there’s a need for deeper conversations around money, power and energetics. each month in this program there’ll be a workshop on what’s coming up to be shifted. You’ll learn how to move past your limitations. You’ll receive practical tools to shift your blocks.

I’ve created Transcendence 2.0!

As well as the live workshops and monthly Q&A sessions, you’ll be part of a community, a private Facebook group. You’ll receive bonus sessions in breathwork and intuitive movement. I’ll pop up regularly to set the stage, to share the standard I’m living for the week.

You’ll be held in a way that you can share your wobbles and we’ll help you get back on track.

I’m talking about your ability to master the art of transmuting your energy so that you’re not part of the storm of life – but actually operate from the eye of it.

Where you aren’t just going through the motions and praying the bad away – but you can witness the swizzles hitting the fan and still maintain the energy of receiving.

You can still earn money…even when life is hard internally and externally.

And for those of you who have felt the calling to be one of the change agents that are really going to make a difference in this world… it’s paramount that you know HOW to do this.

Because so many times we have been told by the #goodvibesonly brigade that our negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are ‘blocking’ our receiving and this is NOT helpful.

Because when bad stuff happens we have to be able to deal with how that makes us feel…

Not suppress it or feel guilty about it or fear what we are feeling.

When you tap into your

transcendental power,

you’re able to …

Operate at a higher level of impact and a higher level of receiving (make a shedload more money).

Increase your capacity to hold multiple frequencies and vibrations at the same time – which will elevate the relationship you have with money, yourself and every significant relationship in your life.

Become an energy master, so that you are able to honour all of your feelings and emotions, without being consumed by them.

Amplify your magnetism, attracting more soul-led relationships with clients and personally.

Harness Universal intelligence to co-create new ideas at quantum speed.

Release the pressure to appear perfect or have it all figured out.

Release judgement of yourself and others.

And I will show you how to unlock this power through…

A 12-part monthly workshop + 3 bonus transmissions recorded ready for instant access, that’ll give you the skill set to use your energy in a way that you’re able to navigate the ‘reality’ of life whilst still being able to manifest magic in quantum proportions.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up today:

12 monthly unique transmission sessions, which includes time for coaching and YOUR questions

3 bonus recorded transmissions, which you’ll get instant access to

Monthly Breathwork sessions

Monthly Intuitive Movement sessions

Access to a private members group

And session recordings

Plus access to the Fear to Freedom mini course


Transcendence is not a linear, paint by numbers program.

It’s SO much bigger than that.

It’s your invitation to both play AND expand with me.

There will be one unique transmission delivered each month for 12 months (plus 3 bonus recorded transmissions for instant access).

The focus of each transmission will be different.

With the underlying theme of how you can increase your capacity to receive more money, more wealth, more freedom –– running throughout the year.



Each session will be 2 hours in length:

1 hour for teaching.

1 hour for coaching and answering your questions about the work and how you can apply it directly into your life.

12 transmissions + 3 recorded ready for instant access.

Transmission #1

Connect with who you really are & transform your relationship with money

How I discovered my transcendental power, and how you can, too.

What makes holding the difficult & the easy, the masculine & the feminine, the struggle & the success—the yin & the yang—possible… and how you can find the balance within you so that you can hold both simultaneously.

Why life challenges don’t mean you need to stop everything else to face them, and how you can tackle them without needing to be the most powerful human in the world for this process to work.

Transmission #2

A deep dive into Triggers & the Big 4 Emotions

Uncover why the Big 4 Emotions–fear, doubt, guilt, and shame–block you from receiving money & abundance in your life and how you can clear their energies to start receiving again.

Know the truth about triggers: why they affect us so much and what you can do to heal from them when a trigger gets activated in you.

The one thing you need to do every single day to truly become the master of your life and money.

And learn how you can rewrite the stories around victimising yourself, and take a step into your sovereignty.

Transmission #3

What are you a match for?

Know the simple trick that’ll show you the evidence of how skilled you are at consciously creating your life. And how you can continue to create your existence with more intention.

Why there’s no such thing as the “right time” and what you can do to call in the people and the money that you desire in your business.

Revisit the real meaning of “entitlement”, how it can impact (and change) your belief system (for the better), and how being intentional plays a huge role in your journey from lack to abundance.

By attending Transcendence Workshops…

You’ll be saying yes to participating in continuous expansion of your wealth frequency.

Putting yourself into an environment where doubling and tripling your income is the standard. 

Becoming a master of your energy so you are still able to receive even when life is hitting you with curveballs.

Understanding how to finally release the pressure, whilst still embodying the frequency of expectation. 

What will we be covering?

We will be digging deep into

The capacity to hold duality.

Expanding your vision in alignment with the Inevitability ladder.

Working with the energy of expectation and disappointment simultaneously.

Using Essence Connection and release work to increase your wealth container.

Connecting to the quantum field.

Working the chakra system.

Reimagining everything you knew about working with the energy of trust.

Mastering the law of polarity.

The Solself Leadership Paradigm.

How to be the model not the mirror in your life and business. 

How to manage yourself and still receive in a crisis.

Activating magician energy, increasing your magnetism across all areas of your life.

Become a master of holding and expanding your energy without dominating the space that you’re in.

Monthly Group 60 Minute Breathwork Session with Kathy Bell.

Monthly Group 60 Minute Intuitive Movement Session with Aisha Carrington.

Access to the Fear to Freedom Mini Course.

60 Minute Group Intuitive Movement  Session each Month with Aisha Carrington


Aisha Carrington is a public Speaker and trained meditation, sound, Angel and reiki guide. She has been a transformative self love mentor to 1000s of women worldwide featured in Forbes, women’s health magazine and grazia, glamour and the metro she has worked with a number of top brands to bring more chilled vibes love and manifestation into their lives.

Aisha works with a loving vibration she is changing the self love game. Through her self love practices, heart centred intentions and fresh urban twist to approaching spirituality, Aisha helps people to release stress, overwhelm  and anxiety. Allowing all who connect to her work to have more self belief, feel more confident, creative and free to live and work from a place of authenticity and true happiness. She is a power house in the wellness industry and heals with movement, sound, energy and meditative modalities

60 Minute Group Breathwork Session each Month with Kathy Bell


Kathy is an experienced breathwork facilitator, mentor and author who specialises in holding loving, clear & expansive spaces for you to come home to your truth and integrate your soul’s essence into your human reality.

People who work with Kathy are met with love and are given the space, freedom and compassion to be exactly who they are and who they came here to be. Kathy gently empowers her clients to see that being human really is the point, and her practices are woven with the threads of balancing spirituality and humour with grounded, practical wisdom for everyday living.

As a highly sensitive empath on her own journey, Kathy embraces spending time in nature, observing the cycles of Mother Earth and reflecting on the cycles within herself.

Kathy lives with her husband, daughter and two dogs just outside Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. She has had careers in aviation, high school teaching and trauma informed resilience building with a specialist not-for-profit organisation before she established her healing practice.

What is the investment?

I want to give you a heads up that prices are only going to increase from here.

You can pay in an instalment plan. (3 or 12 month payment plan)

I’m making sure the investment is low because I want everyone to win.

Nobody should miss out on manifesting their goals because this key feels financially out-of-reach.

For those who want to go even deeper, you can upgrade to VIP and get personalised coaching in a group Voxer.

This is easily the most cost-effective method to work directly with me.

With the power of Transcendence, you’ll master your energy in a way that you’ll be able to deal with the most challenging times whilst still being in receiving mode. 
And in the process, you’ll become the master manifestor you were always meant to be.

This is some kind of voodoo. Lol! This may seem small. But it’s a big win for me and I’m feeling all kinds of worthiness I haven’t experienced before. I called in £1350 in 3 days. That’s more than what I earned last month.

Nova Reid

Thank you for shining a light on how we can ask and receive when we CHOOSE to ALLOW. I feel so good. I feel so ME. And yes, this is allowing me to give and receive all sorts of abundance, including financial. 💚

Aine Homer

When I came in (The Freedom Experience) I was just about hitting 5K months. By January I think I’d had my first 10K month. And what’s really beautiful is, since then I’ve consistently had 10 to 12K months. And I’m now at the stage where I’m looking into turning what once was a kind of solopreneur business into an agency.

Polly Lavarello

I’m having a ball and thanks so much for all you give, your calm and guidance. We have 11 in SS which is 24.5K and the YTT balances that came in last month were 16.5K so TOTAL 41K plus 2K classes. Wonderfully abundant and more please.

Dory Daya Walker

I am about to close the cart for my program (supposedly closing on the 20th) because right now I have 16 women confirmed… a launch of 76K USD!!!!! So celebration definitely……..thank you for your support!!! And yes.. definitely I need to process that in one week I made 76K USD (I was ready haha) and that probably it will increase by the end of the week (and I haven’t sold the private program yet!)

Mar Talanquer

If there’s an investment you shouldn’t hesitate on – it’s this one.

Because even if you feel like you’re already investing a lot of money in your growth – remember Transcendence is what is going to give you the ability to pull it all together.


It’ll give you the extraordinary potential to hold multiple frequencies and vibrations – elevating your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and money.

You’ll be able to honour all of your feelings and emotions instead of being consumed by them.


Your magnetism will increase multiple times and you’ll be able to attract more soul-led relationships in your personal & professional life.

With Transcendence, you’ll finally become an Energy Master.

When you sign up…

When you sign up for as little as £333 + VAT (12 x monthly instalments) or pay upfront for the year at £3333 + VAT, you’re opening the door to receiving…

The tools and the mindset shifts I’ve used over the last six months, that led me to have having my biggest months in business, whilst navigating some of the toughest experiences I have had to manage in recent years

My proven methods of quantum leaping in my life and business.

A one-hour Q&A session where you can get any and all of your doubts cleared.

Monthly Breathwork Session

Monthly Intuitive Movement Session

Private Facebook Group

Session recordings

Personalised coaching in a group Voxer (VIP only).


All you have to do to reserve your seat today is to pick which investment you want to make and click the ‘Join Now’ button below.


Once you’ve done so, you’ll be taken to the Transcendence secure checkout page where all you have to do is enter your details and complete your investment today.

Sign Up

I cannot wait to work with you and watch you unlock your transcendental power! 

All my love, Suzy Ashworth

P.S. You’re getting access to something that’s worth thousands of pounds, but is available at a really low investment because I truly want everyone to be able to afford this program, and experience huge wins.

All you have to do to choose to tap into your transcendent power.

Come to the next session on 15th December, 2021 and realise your magic.

Frequently Asked


1. I’m a member of The Freedom Experience, do I still need to buy a ticket?

Transcendence sessions are complimentary for all current members of The Freedom Experience and Freedom Founders. All other students have to purchase a ticket to attend.

2. I’ve just started my business… is Transcendence for me?

Yes, Yes, and yet another Yes! Transcendence is all about your money mindset, energy, and personal power.
It’s what you need a constant supply of in your business – whether you opened shop yesterday, or it’s 50 years old.
Transcendence is my gift to all those who want more from life. Even those whose business is just an idea right now.
3. Is it a mastermind?
No. Transcendence will consist of 12 unique and potent transmissions via Zoom, held once a month. You will also have access to a private Facebook group.
As a bonus, you also get access to the recordings of the 3 transmissions that are already live.
Support between sessions is provided to those who sign up as VIP in a private group Voxer with me.
4. Can I join even if I’m already in another program?
Yes, absolutely. We encourage you join Transcendence,
It’s in your (and the world’s) best interest to master your energy and increase your money and your power.
We’ll meet once a month for 2 hours, it’s designed so that it can fit around all schedules and doesn’t demand too much of your time.
Transcendence is THE perfect complement to any other self-development program you might be doing.
Come on in!
5. What if I want to join The Freedom Experience after I’ve got the Transcendence membership?
Your payment for any Transcendence transmission you have remaining will get credited against The Freedom Experience.
Think of it like this, in a beautiful way, you’re putting money towards your future FE membership.
6. Is there a way to get a month-on-month membership?
Transcendence is designed as a year-long experience. We’ve done that to really give you time to see how impactful it can be on your life.
It’s the reason why even The Freedom Experience is for a year too – significant life changes don’t happen in 4 to 6 weeks. That’s not how it works (has anyone really ever gotten abs with those 6-weeks to 6-pack abs plan? I don’t think so)
And it’s not an extreme time commitment (we meet once a month for 2 hours, and now for a BONUS 60 minutes monthly for a breathwork session and 60 minutes monthly for intuitive movement – that’s only 4 hours a month).
However, the quantum shift will be profound.  You will be able to both play and expand with us.  You will increase your capacity to receive more money, more wealth and more freedom.