13th – 16th FEBRUARY 2023
The Wealth Expansion Experience plays Virtually and LIVE on the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of February 2023.

We connect daily on each of the four days via Zoom at 12pm GMT

If you cannot attend live for any days, a replay will be available.

How can you even think about missing out?
Hey gorgeous, Suzy here.

I want you to see that the door to ‘The Wealth Expansion Experience’ is open wide and ready for you to step inside.

Yes, you get to receive more money, of course, you do, ‘cause if we take money out of the equation when we’re talking about wealth expansion, then we’re missing a MAJOR point!!


We’re talking about the type of wealth that gets to be activated when money (or the lack of it) is no longer a distraction.

I LOVED IT! Suzy is amazing. I’ve not been in her world long but my god it’s a powerful world to be in.


It is the best thing I have ever invested in!


Now the interesting thing is, up until now, we’ve mostly been sold the idea that it’s either or. That you can’t have both.

Either: Work on the money now, then focus on the ‘really’ important stuff later. 

Or: Don’t worry about the money, it won’t buy you happiness anyway, so get happy now and worry about the cash tomorrow.

WE work to a different code & operate on a different frequency….

Our frequency runs on a timeline of more.

Of growth, of evolution, of fulfilment; absolutely nothing rooted in a lack of anything. 

We’re for

The person who’s already doing great but has a niggle in the back of their mind that there’s something else they can’t quite put their finger on. And perhaps even feel a little bit guilty for even considering touching that itch because life is already pretty damn good…

This call is for you. 

We’re for

The person who knows that something about how they are approaching life and business right now means you are not quite hitting it the way you know is possible …

We’re for you, all the way…

We’re NOT for 

The person who’s past the beginning of their wealth consciousness journey – and when I say that, I mean you if you read that, and you’re like, 

‘Huh? What the heck is wealth consciousness?’ 

This experience is not for you…yet. 

I loved it! The information and guidance have been superb and just what I needed to experience.


Thank you so much for the last three days. I always trust the universe and her path and this is no exception, this happened so perfectly in every sense.


Remember that Wealth Expansion is a Four-Day Event, unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced, where you will gather with other magnificent, magical humans to ignite your most juicy, most expansive and most wealthy self.

It’s given me so much to think about. I really want to go through it all again.


Thank you Suzy – it was fantastic… it has unlocked something in me!

Together, we’ll pull back the curtain and you will walk away with a new level of wealth, certainty and confidence that you CAN create and allow ALL of what you desire even if you’re not 100% clear on what that is…yet.
PSSST – do you know the secret?

The one that only a certain number of the ‘chosen few’ appear to have the passcode for?

Well, not anymore, baby, because, as of now, I’m sharing all the codes with you.

What Happens Inside Wealth Expansion?

Here’s the step-by-step path to your mountain top 

Day One

You’re going to learn HOW to surpass and extend your current level of wealth – with hands-on, life-long tools & tips to set you off and sidestep all those annoying money resistance traps that trip us up.

Day Two

You’ll receive Your Next-Level Wealth Liberation Activation. Prepare to unleash.

Day Three

Use Suzy’s vision casting tool, to activate ‘the deepest level of embodiment of the version of you, that is living from a place of freedom, wealth and wonder at all that you are creating.


And on Day 4 we will gather for a live Q&A.

We connect daily on each of the four days via Zoom at 12pm GMT. If you cannot attend live for any days, a replay will be available.

Are you ready to feel consistently INSPIRED, LIMITLESS, and EXPANSIVE?
Ready to feel divinely activated? 

Click the button below to

Loved it. Feeling seeds of magic already starting to sprout


I’ve LOVED it!!!! I wish it were an ongoing programme, I feel like magic is at work!

Ready to go all in on the VIP experience? 
If you’re already attuning to the frequency of more and desire the full, no holds bar experience VIP is for you:
  • A Private Telegram VIP Lounge – to help you connect even deeper
  • Live coaching hot Seats after each call where Suzy will answer your most burning questions
  • Secret, sacred VIP Surprises because who doesn’t adore surprise goodies?!? *to get this surprise you need to be signed up by the 8th February 2023

When women gather with an intention to hold, to listen, to co-create, and to empower, the possibilities for genuine transformation and impact on the culture are endless.

Sarah Marshank


In this experience I am going to teach you…

Create more wealth

Release what has been holding you at your current level of receiving

Become an energetic match for now for all that you desire to experience in your reality

Sounds glorious, right?
Current investment starts at…



Tickets during the event will be £88



Tickets during the event will be £188

LOVED IT. This experience helped me come back to self. Remind me that I get to come back to this, over and over again and that’s part of the process. It was super helpful and exactly what I needed in this moment. Thank you so much.





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