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Are you Suffering From Superwoman Syndrome?

  Recent research has shown that 80% of mothers returning to work suffer from the guilt of leaving their child or children at home.  What’s interesting to me, is it doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay-at –home mum or returning back to the office; as soon as the subject of guilt comes up, straw polls of peers, colleagues and clients has everyone slowly raising their hands and whispering yes, that’s me! Whether you're feeling guilty because you wish you were doing something, anything other than playing trains and cars for what once again feels like an eternity (even though it’s actually only been about 15 minutes).  Or, you’re the classic working mum who has received the biggest shock of her life, when reality dawns, after returning from maternity leave.  As despite delivering great work, in less time, you can't help but feel the eyes of the office like lasers in your back, as you leave at 5 o’clock on the dot every night. Whether these feelings are warranted or not doesn’t matter, all you know is, that it feels even worse when you get home and are only half focused on your little one, as your attention flits between your mobile and your iPad, wondering what else could be done to...

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Mum comes first…?

Actually, in my eyes there is question, the answer is undoubtedly yes!  Happy Mum, happy baby. After baby arrives it's natural and easy for all eyes to be focused on the new little bundle of joy.   Whilst that is fine and works well for many Mums, for some, things don't slot so easily into place and some new mothers , feel low, sad and sometimes even resentful as they start to question who they are outside of baby.  My article on explains why this is completely normal and provides you with some useful tips and advice on how to maintain the 'you' in the new 'us equation.          

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Finally!  The Cure for Impostor Syndrome

Finally! The Cure for Impostor Syndrome

  As a Hypnotherapist by day and a Performance Coach by night, one of the most common matters people will seek advice on, is how to feel more confident in their work environment.  Individuals that feel completely at ease within the comfort zone of friends and family, can suffer from debilitating the debilitating effects of Impostor Syndrome through out their careers.   The worry of being 'found out' leaves people constantly second guessing their peers and their boss’ thoughts about them, preventing them for focusing on the task in hand.  This in turns makes them less productive, less able to take calculated risks and generally more ineffective at the job that they have been hired to do, eventually leading to them being….Found out!  So what can you do to help overcome this, oh so common, career saboteur? 1. Mentally Rehearse Your Success Instead of your Failure Many people by now are extremely familiar with the concept of visualization and acting 'as if' your success has already been achieved.  The ability to imagine one's future self, is a vital component of both hypnotherapy and performance coaching sessions. Speak to any highly successful sports star and they will talk about...

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