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Lessons From The Baby Show

I am fortunate enough to be finally catching up with life after attending my first exhibition, as an exhibitor, representing my own company.  It’s not the first time I have ever attended a show like this, in the past I have done travel expos, magazines, villas, so the whole set up is something I’m familiar with. So, to say I was nervous about attending The Baby Show at The Excel Centre, was a little bit of an understatement.  Why? Because in the past attending shows like this has been my own personal version of hell! Trying to engage with people who didn’t want to hear about what I’ve been trying to sell.  Stood there with a fake smile plastered on my face hoping, wishing, longing for someone, anyone to just take a bloody leaflet.  Clock watching taking on a whole new meaning…Only seven hours, thirty-four minutes and twenty seven seconds to go.  Doing anything to just get away from the stand, not realising that hiding in the toilet was prolonging the agony. So, why did I want to do The Baby Show? A footfall of twenty thousand people was an enticing prospect. Even if only twenty percent of those people were going to pregnant and only five percent of those were going to be our...

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Rip Up Your Birth Plan!

  You might have heard, that there’s no point making a birth plan, because nothing ever goes to plan and you’ll just end up being disappointed. Whilst that message really gets my goat – I do think birth plans are a bad idea and here’s why….

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When Hypnobirthing Fails!

  I really debated whether to write this post or not.  This is what I do for a living right?  I can’t tell the truth about this stuff can I? If you hadn’t noticed, over the last few months, there has been more and more of buzz around hypnobirthing and what it can do for you as a pregnant woman.  Along with that buzz has come sensational headlines from across the world, about silent, pain free and easy births.  These stories makes me feel uncomfortable and disappointed at best and damn right angry at worst. Why? Because as someone who is a supporter and believer in women and birth, I know that no one can promise you a silent, pain free or an easy birth!  Whilst it may sound attractive and get people through the door, this isn’t a promise that we can keep and is not what hypnobirthing should be about. Don’t get me wrong, I work with lots of couples in person and remotely that share amazing stories of births that are indeed quick, comfortable and to them easy.   But this isn’t what they signed up for when they came to me and for good reason. Second Time Mums The flip side of my job is working with women, often during their second pregnancies, who are scared witless because nothing...

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