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“Not having enough clients” is not the problem

Not having enough clients is not the problem.

Neither is not enough hours in the day, not knowing what to focus on next, feeling like you’re trying all the things, being sucked into the black hole that is social media, not having enough fans, or not getting enough likes.

I’ve been doing this a while, so I’m betting I know how you feel. You feel petrified that you’re doing it all wrong. You’re at the point where you feel like paid advertising is the only option you have left for getting your services in front of your clients. You wonder if it’s just you, if you’re really cut out for this after all…

But all of these are just symptoms of the real problem.

Forbes reported last year that the average person was exposed to anywhere between 4000 and 10,000 brand messages every single day.

Every. Single. Day.

So what does that mean for you? It means trying to get the attention of the people you know you can help is more difficult than ever, because you’re not just competing with the people in your niche anymore, you’re competing with every brand that wants a piece of your ideal client’s attention.

And she is deliberately and actively switching off, because she is as exhausted by the onslaught as we are.

So what are you supposed to do?

Well what most people in this type of situation do is act like Annie.

Annie is the person I’ve been when I’ve felt the panic of not knowing where the next client is going to come from, and she is who I’m observing in the marketplace every day.

Annie’s a woman who loves what she does, she’s really freaking great at what she does, but she’s not seeing enough clients.

She has big dreams, but she has never really vocalised them to anyone, barely even herself, because she feels a million miles away from where she needs to be to make those dreams a reality. And when she’s frequently wondering if she’s really cut out for this game, “dreaming big” quite frankly feels a little self indulgent.

When it comes to her partner she puts up a good argument as to why this is important to her, but deep down she feels insanely guilty and a little bit ashamed that she doesn’t have the answers as to why her business isn’t making more money, when she works all the hours God sends.

She never switches off. Annie’s tired.

She’s tired of doing all of the things.

She’s invested time and energy in free trainings before and she feels like she’s tried all the things.

The latest thing is Instagram. She’s always ‘working’ scrolling and liking and scrolling some more.

But is it really working? Not according to her bank balance…

She doesn’t really know what she should be focusing on now. The to-do list just gets bigger and she’s getting nowhere fast.

At the moment, she knows her business is her calling but she does question if she can really turn it into a successful venture, which stops her from thinking big and really stepping into her full power.

While she finds it difficult to get a consistent flow of clients, she recognises that her number one challenges are focus and prioritising.

She often feels alone.

She hates the fact she can’t make it work and she knows that impacts the way she shows up for her kinds.

When she’s feeling really low, she secretly and sometimes not so secretly resents her husband.


Not enough time, focus and clients are symptoms of the underlying problem

Getting obsessed with the symptoms is the most common mistake that people like Annie are making when it comes to working out what the next step is. We are sold symptom-busting solutions ALL the time. It’s a bit like thrush. The itch isn’t the problem, but pharmaceutical companies make billions a year selling us the solution to the symptom (the itch) which comes back, instead of educating and selling us how to heal the root cause.

The reason Instagram, Facebook, ads, blogging, newsletters aren’t working is because Annie doesn’t know how to connect to the heart of her tribe. It’s the thing that underpins EVERYTHING.

She doesn’t know how to create messaging that has people nodding their heads way before she has anything to sell.

At the moment, even though being an influencer is the furthest thing from what she wants to do, she’s trying to compete with them on their playing field… which is about as useful to her business as trying to take on Coca Cola.

And with kids, a partner and a family life, she’s fighting a losing battle.


In order to attract your ideal client you have to cut through the noise.

You’re no longer just competing with your immediate niche to be seen and heard, you’re competing with every other person on the planet who wants your audience’s attention. So putting up another blog or another tweet, trying to engage with every single person on Instagram just in case they’re the one, is not only exhausting, but it doesn’t work.

You’re either spreading yourself too thin, by trying to do all things, or paralysed like a rabbit in the headlights trying to work out what the next step is.

Here’s the thing, the strategies you’ve been trying DO work, if you have a massive audience already.

If you have the time to work 18 hours a day.

If you’re prepared to spend thousands on paid traffic and you are happy to lose 98% of all the people you reach.

But if that’s not you, you have to do things differently. Which is the journey I’ve been on over the last few years.


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