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As a mum of three, a wife, a dog owner and a business owner with multiple courses and a lot of clients, I get it – overwhelm does happen. In this episode, I give you the mindset shifts and some practical tips you can implement to define and focus on your priorities and get over overwhelm.




Thank you for being here [00:55] The F.A.M Tribe [01:26] It’s really easy for me to feel overwhelmed too [02:45] The impact of overwhelm on my own life [03:15] Overwhelm is a choice [03:45] Who do you want to be? [05:20] Helpful mindset shifts and practical tips [05:45] Look at the bigger picture and bigger vision [06:44] Delegating or putting things on ice [07:44] Define your priorities [08:40] Do it, delegate it or delete it [10:39]




‘Overwhelm is a choice.’
‘I am the creator of my own reality.’
‘Do it, delegate it or delete it.’


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