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Well, can we? Let’s be honest, photoshoots can be a cause for discomfort. Posing in front of the camera isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But if you want to be taken seriously online, it IS an important part of getting your personal brand out there – you have to be SEEN as well as heard.

In this episode I talk you through my past experiences of shoots, why I wanted to try something BOLD this time around and why I made the investment.

Listen up to hear how this particular photoshoot changed my mind about them (I used to hate having my picture taken before), as well as the creative direction we went in to make sure that they reflect the personality of myself and my biz.


  • My first professional photoshoot {4:39}
  • Mindset, message, money before branding {5:58}
  • The last shoot I had {6:56}
  • Stopping the scroll {10:20}
  • Reflecting and injecting personality {13:07}
  • The brief {18:62}
  • The reaction {20:16}
  • My favourite photographers {25:03}


  • “This is about me owning myself, my message and my sexuality”
  • “It’s about me just taking full ownership of me and that makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable, and I kind of like that. Because I am not here to blend in and do what everybody else is doing”
  • “I’m going to help you achieve your goals by helping you identify who you really are. Because when you are able to identify that, that is what makes you unique, that is what makes you special, that is what people are going to buy”

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