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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 04:14 The expectations of 2021
  • 05:46 One of my biggest lessons this year
  • 09:33 Building momentum to grow business
  • 11:55 How I got here and how it all started
  • “I feel very, very incredibly grateful that despite this being a roller coaster of a year personally, I’m finishing it feeling really, I think proud of myself.”
  • “My willingness to really embody what I have been teaching, I would say has been the biggest gift that I could have given myself this year.”
  • “What I teach, I know, because I’m living it and because I get to see it every single day, changes the way that you interact with the world, it changes the way that you feel about yourself.”

£2 million and so much more

I’m in a reflective and positive place as we approach Christmas.

We’re celebrating an incredible year, celebrating incredible growth that goes way beyond the growth of the business.

Yet at the same time, it’s super important for me that I get to acknowledge the growth of the business, that we have crossed the £2 million mark.

I’m in this for the long game and my heart is open wide for as many people who want to come along for the ride as possible

Thank you to every single one of who has supported me this year.

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