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  • 7.44 And so my viewpoint was, Suzy, if you are the only person who ever reads this book, but you understand, and you master living from the pillar of infinite love, you master living from the pillar of infinite greatness, you master living from the pillar of infinite support, and you master living from embodying infinite conscious co-creation, you will change thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of lives.
  • 15.54 Can I treat every opportunity as just a seed? The reason that’s so powerful is it detaches me from needing to experience the result in real time in order to feel complete, in order to feel like this is worth it.
  • 5.33 So if you followed along when I was writing, you will have heard me have several existential crises, like, I don’t think it’s good enough. I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. We have to rewrite this. We need to start this again. Even when I recorded the audiobook, I was like, it’s not good enough. And how I moved through all of those moments was to remember one thing. I was writing this book with one person in mind.
  • “It gets to be so much fun when we change the energy to something which is abundance lead, as opposed to result led.”
  • “Your chapter one should be juicy.”
  • “When it comes to manifesting, I learned very early on in my co creation career that we always want to have a goal beyond the goal.”

5 Tips For Writing & Launching A Legacy Book

Hello hello darling one! I am coming to you just after my 2nd book launch week. Yes me, Suzy Ashworth, is now a 2 times published author – whoop!

And when I look back, I can’t believe that it was only last week, because there are so many stories I could tell you about how I was feeling, what I did, what my experience was like. It’s just wild.

I feel really deeply proud that my work is now out in the world, not just once, but twice. It feels just super incredible and today I am sharing how I have felt and also 5 juicy tips for you to use when you write YOUR book, and although they are about writing a book, actually you can apply them to really any content you create.

You can get your copy of Infinite Receiving right here.

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