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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 04:43 Reframing income and impact
  • 08:34 Knowing your value
  • 11:07 Your brand visibility
  • 14:31 Increasing your impact
  • “Your level of awareness will really help you when it comes to creating transformation in your life and in your business, when you know where you are.”
  • “The way that I think about money is that it is the cherry on top of the cherry, the real cherry is the transformation.”
  • “The next level of impact requires, for the majority of people, another level of visibility.”

Do you really feel ready for a different level of impact?

I always put impact and income together.

When you think about this last quarter of the year and what it is that you want to create in 2022, does it feel like you are ready for a different level of impact?

The answer isn’t always necessarily yes.

If you are interested in increasing your impact, this episode is for you.

*Note this episode is taken from a Thrive Thursday in the Quantum Success Hub.

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