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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:37 The first vital phase
  • 07:55 It’s not just about the doing
  • 10:47 The only way to keep moving up the frequency
  • 13:50 How to accelerate the speed
  • “What is really interesting is frequently people will invest because they want it and they’re hoping for it to be true, but for whatever reason, they still haven’t decided the outcome is possible for them.”
  • “ Each investment required me to have a deeper level of belief that I was doing the right thing, a deeper level of belief in myself.”
  • “If you have decided that your big goal is inevitable, the failures and the challenges that you experience are so much easier to deal with.”

How to turn your dreams into your reality (guaranteed)

Thinking about my business progress got me thinking about the power of inevitability.

Every dream starts with an idea and I know there are four key phases that turn those dreams into reality.

It’s that process that we go through when it comes to faith, self-belief, and each of the steps that are required for us to achieve the results and the outcomes that we are looking for in our businesses.

The inevitability to be clear, does not happen five minutes before you’re about to reach your goal.

I really hope that you take this and run with it.

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