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  • 03:32 I think a lot of the time we don’t experience life because we have so much bullshit that literally weighs us down. And we tell ourselves things, sorry, that simply aren’t true.And I lived a lifetime doing that. And it’s only really when I started to break free of the lies. that I was literally telling myself that I really start to live and that is what I want for every single person like listening to this watching this because everyone can achieve it.
  • 45:19 I remember when someone first told me about feminine energy I was like, “Oh God, you know what I mean?” You know, whereas actually when I started to play around with feminine energy and I understood that actually we get to receive permission to enjoy pleasure.
  • 46:47 Do you know what the interesting thing is though? A lot of people don’t even feel worthy. Like literally they do not feel worthy and they give, give, give. Yeah. And they allow to be taken because they don’t feel worthy to receive.And half the time we’re unaware that that’s even a thing. Yeah. We just think this is how it is. That’s part of the validation thing. If I give, that validates me. If I give and I have permission to be here.
  • 53:51 You heal the experience, you heal the life, you change the belief, you change the life. And for me, that’s what I feel I’ve been put on here to do.
  • “If you think about how many years we were kids for, like there’s always gonna be triggers there.”
  • “Years ago I’d be on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster all the time, always stressed.”
  • “Money is an amazing enabler.”

From the Apprentice to chatting with Spirit Guides with Jess Cunningham

This week’s episode was a real treat because it was actually recorded live and in person which I LOVE!

And actually I have to be grateful for a member of my team for insisting I need to speak to my guest….I did a little stalk and I knew that  I needed  to speak to this woman!!

There are so many incredible synergies between the way that I work and the way that she works and also a whole other load of cherries on top. So without further ado may I introduce you to the marvellous Jess Cunningham!

I know you will enjoy this episode as much as I loved recording it so sit back and dive in.

You can still get your hands on my brand new book Infinite Receiving, right here.

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