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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:17 Delivering the second round of Magic Money
  • 06:36 The biggest distinction between a millionaire and a millionaire in the making
  • 07:35 Make those big, bold money moves
  • “What I saw in Magic Money was a woman who was so certain that her business was going to hit seven figures in 2020, that not even a pandemic could stop her”
  • “When you are certain about something, you make a different type of decision. You’re able to step back from logical fear, fear about safety, fear about survival and are able to make those big, bold money moves”

How certain are you

I feel like I have got just so much incredible stuff that I desire to share with you. Not that it matters. Everything is going to be super potent and super magical. 


I have just been delivering the second round of Magic Money. If you have not invested in that program, you are very silly. I literally talk you through how I have taken my income from 23 to 29,000 pound months to my biggest month that I had in 2019 to how I created a multi-million-pound company. 


All of the mindset hacks, the energetic expansion and evolution, the business model choices that I made, the mentorship choices that I made… like literally everything. 


And then I talk you through how I’m going to do my next lot of recordings once I’ve doubled my income again and 300,000 pound months are my norm. 


It’s just an amazing program. It actually might be my most favourite program ever. 

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