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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 01:10 The BIG question for you.
  • 02:05 Why are most people operating from a space of continual lack?
  • 03:07 What happens when you switch on Infinite Receiving?
  • 04:14 Living Into the frequency of MORE across every area of your life.
  • “Infinite Receiving is an energy, a frequency we get to activate and become an energetic match for.”
  • “What we’re experiencing with Infinite Receiving is a deeper level of trust. And when we’re in that space of trust, there’s a whole new level of freedom”

What is Infinite Receiving?

I am so excited to bring you this first episode and explore, ”What exactly is Infinite Receiving?”

In this episode, I invite you to answer and experience a very big question that will help you feel into the magic of what Infinite Receiving means for you. This question will help you to experience how Infinite Receiving would feel in your body.

When we switch on the frequency of Infinite Receiving, we step into a space of trust and experience a new level of freedom.

When you choose and activate this frequency, there’s more freedom to create, speak your truth, move in a good way, play more, and ask for what you desire. And this is possible daily.

As entrepreneurs and even for those not in business, all of these things are necessary; to be able to share your voice and your truth, to move freely, to ask for what you want, and to create in an uninhibited way.

All of these things become easier when you are a match to the frequency of Infinite Receiving.

With Infinite Receiving, you get to tap into MORE – more money, more wealth, more in every facet of your life. And feel what it means to live, breathe and radiate as an abundant human being. In this podcast, we dive deep and continue to explore living into the frequency of MORE.

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