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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 00:20 What you can expect from future episodes of Infinite Receiving
  • 00:48 The frequency of MORE and how we do things differently
  • 01:11 It is programmed in your DNA to be a creator, and how me sharing my journey will support you.
  • 01:45 This is exactly what you will get from the Infinite Receiving Podcast.
  • 2:17 Who else can you expect to hear from on this podcast?
  • “We do things on the frequency of MORE!”
  • “There’s a deepening that is happening every single day, and I want to share that journey with you.”

Welcome to Infinite Receiving

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Infinite Receiving Podcast.

This podcast is for you if you’re a female entrepreneur or conscious leader who desires to live on the frequency of MORE. You want to create a wildly abundant and rich, and wealthy existence across every single area of your life. More money, more joy, more love, more freedom.

Here’s what you can expect from future episodes; I want to share with you the journey that I am on when it comes to embodying the frequency, the lifestyle, and the philosophy of Infinite Receiving.

I’m also going to be inviting friends, and people who I believe are incredible examples and models of what it means to live the infinite receiving lifestyle in their way. You will also get some amazing interviews and stories from other perspectives, both male and female.

Along the way, you will get the practical how-to steps, systems, processes, and, way more importantly, how I look at the world when challenged, happy, sad, and having and enjoying the human experience. I look forward to being in your earbuds in the next episode and beyond.

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