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How I manifested 30K in 15 days

Whilst money is not something I have talked about much over the last 4 and half years in my business, and whilst initially it made me feel a bit vulnerable, I am actually quite excited to tell you all about how I manifested 30K in just 15 days – an amount of money I had never earned with such ease and grace and in such a short amount of time. 

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  • Why I had hardly talked about money up to that point
  • The one question I asked myself in order to write up, in just 10 minutes, a whole Facebook post about my upcoming course
  • What ‘manifesting’ means, in my own words and in my own life
  • Taking repeated action doesn’t have to be hard
  • The first thing I did to manifest £30K in 15 days was to go against all the rules and move from pushing to allowing 
  • Why the things that used to work 5 or 10 years ago aren’t working any more
  • I wanted to do things differently but I didn’t know how 
  • The only thing I knew to be true at the time
  • What I did instead of creating all of the things and instead of pushing 
  • Why it’s OK to sell more than one thing and why it was essential to me reaching 30K in 2 weeks
  • If you have more than one thing to sell, feel good about this and sell with confidence
  • What selling by coming from a place of service looks like
  • Visualising my ideal client saying ‘yes’
  • Saying ‘no’ to non-dreamboat clients with ease and saying ‘hell yes’ to the perfect dreamboat ones but in a non-pushy way
  • How and where you can sign up for my FREE How to Master Your Message masterclass



  • ‘It is safe for me to sell more than one thing at a time if I choose to.’
  • ‘There are people out there who are making millions of pounds and millions of dollars who are selling a different thing every week or a different thing every month. What remains consistent is them selling.’
  • ‘How can I be of service today?’


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