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Limitless Life Experience Podcast Making Babies + Making Bank What has decluttering got to do with manifesting? with Laura Husson What do you need to let go of to make space for something that you really want? If you choose to take the leap to make space for that thing, then that thing will have the space to arrive. This is what we are talking about in this episode with Laura Husson. Laura is a mother of two and an intuition mentor who helps people tune in to their energy and find their own guidance so that they can make decisions that are in alignment with the highest vision they have for themselves. She is also the creator of the Business Beyond Belief Podcast, so I’m super excited to finally welcome her to my very own podcast.   Highlights 
  • How Laura got into business
  • Having a grand vision vs trusting you will be guided into the next thing
  • Recognising when things need to shift
  • Being in touch with your intuition and just knowing
  • Embracing fear, living in trust and getting into aligned flow
  • What to do when you doubt what you are doing
  • Let’s talk about money
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