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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
Limitless Life Experience Podcast I have made many BIG decisions over the years. Before children, with children, in my business, in my personal life – you name it, I am not scared of making big decisions. Apart from one particular decision, all the others were easy for me to make. How? Why? Listen to find out ?   Highlights
  • Examples of my big decisions
  • The way I make these decisions is really simple
  • The only exception
  • Quick decisions, feelings and knowing
  • All the ‘but’s
  • Where the magic happens
  • Tuning in to a place that feels like home
  • What creates quantum leaps
  • Where can you utilise your heart wisdom?
  • ‘The life that you are leading may be taken away from you tomorrow.’
  • ‘All those good things didn’t come from a plan – they came from instinct.’
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