011 Making Babies + Making Bank: How to level up in business, with Harriette Hale

by | Jan 29, 2020

Limitless Life Experience Podcast

Making Babies + Making Bank

Today we have leading Consciousness Coach & High Priestess of Light Harriette Hale on the show talking up-levelling your business in early motherhood (or any time). As a serial entrepreneur with 12 years experience and six businesses, Harriette shares such valuable and inspiring information! I am so excited to share this episode – it’s such a good one!

*the connection for this interview was not the best, but we did not want you to miss out on all the juicy goodness!



  • What a priestess is [01:58]
  • Becoming a mum after being in business for so long [03:33]
  • Maternity leave & money stuff [05:16]
  • Doubt and ‘am I getting this wrong?’ [16:00]
  • What is having it all? [21:26]
  • How to step into the business and life that you want [39:08]


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