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Limitless Life Experience Podcast These are two of the questions I get more and more frequently: ‘Can I come and speak on your stage?’ and ‘How did you get that gig?’. So today I’m going to share with you what the biggest turn-offs are when people ask me if they can speak on my stages and what I have done to build up my speaking credibility and receive more invitations. Highlights
  • The first turn-off when it comes to asking if you can speak on someone’s stage – if they have no idea who you are and you just say ‘I’m going to be on your stage!’
  • The second turn-off – if you don’t have a live speaking experience
  • What can you do to get invitations on someone else’s stage, or to get a ‘yes’ when you pitch somebody to be on their stage?
  • Practise talking and hone your stories
  • Make the mindset shift
  • Put on your own events
  • Invest in other people’s programmes, go to their live events and keep in touch with them
  • Get the video footage and photos of you speaking
  • Write a book
  • Be great at what you do
  • Pick your friends and business buddies wisely and be authentic
  • Share your successes and lessons in the groups you belong to, get noticed
  • ‘Always be humble in your approach. The first question to ask is: “What's the process for applying to speak at your event?”.’
  • ‘If you want to speak, then you need to speak. It's like if you want to write a book or be a writer, then you have to write.’
  • ‘Create a speaker page on your website where you outline your key topics, what your experience is, what your specialities are.’
  • ‘I knew at that point that live and in person had to be a part of my business model.’
  • ‘As I've built my business, I have intentionally looked for people who are abundantly minded when it comes to their connections, and I have invested at a high level.’
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