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If you know me by now, you know how into personal and professional development I am. Since my Mum died 20 years ago, I’ve been on a spiritual journey – and as I get older, the desire to dig deeper to discover myself has developed more and more.

Not too long ago, I started receiving signs from the Universe to experiment with plant medicine. wasn’t seeking it out – but what a gift it turned out to be.

Be sure to tune into this podcast to hear what I think and feel about Ayahuasca. Are you ready for it?


  • Introducing The Woo Files {5:03}
  • Taking responsibility {6:17}
  • One of my regular manifestations {10:00}
  • Looking for signs {17.09}
  • The best form of personal development {18:13}
  • The importance of the right guides {20.19}
  • The right intentions {21:12}
  • Releasing and letting go {25:03}
  • Trusting at a deeper level {27:07}
  • The reason I chose plant medicine {29:33}



  • “When you are able to identify the fear, look at the fear in the eye and then allow it to move through you, it creates a spaciousness, and from that space you are able to manifest and co-create.”
  • “I feel like what the plant medicine has done is removed a layer. So I’m more sensitive to my own bullshit, which has its pros and cons.”
  • “I say that business is the best form of personal development and I would caveat that with, plant medicine is pretty freaking good too.”
  • “When you have the right dosage, and the right environment and you are surrounded by the right people, it gives you the opportunity to go to places that you wouldn’t normally ordinarily choose to go to, so you can learn the lessons that you need to learn, so you can heal what it is that you need to heal.”


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