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So, my lovers – in this episode of the podcast, I felt compelled to tell you about a recent experience of mine which led to me making £750 in two hours. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know how to make £750 in two hours?

And you know what, it was easy. And it isn’t always easy, but this time it was because I was guided, called to action, and in complete alignment with my mission and vision. It felt good! Hope you enjoy, loves.


  • Why £750? {2.02}
  • The power of unconditional love {8:11}
  • A message from meditation {11:51}
  • What I did {14:11}
  • The Mindful Messaging Makeover {17.30}



  • “I just got the nudge and wrote out what the service was and who it would be good for, what they would be experiencing. I talked about the transformation and I told them what the price was going to be and then I made the offer and then I got on with my day. That’s it.”
  • “I think one of the biggest lessons and something that is now really entrenched in my path is understanding the power of unconditional love. And honestly, I don’t think that we as parents or as children have ever received unconditional love or given unconditional love. And the reason that I can say this is I think that if you’ve ever felt frustration in the way that somebody has acted in that frustration, there’s a like a breaking of the connection”
  •  “ I think that too many people only ever offer what they think that people want or what people tell them that they want, but they don’t feel great about it. And energetically that is setting yourself up for failure.”


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