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Let’s talk self belief. As you know – my motto is Faith + Action = Miracles. I truly believe you can’t succeed without having faith in yourself. And so in this episode I’m talking you through the 4 things that could be getting in the way of that. And it’s absolutely possible that you might feel like you DO believe in yourself until you hear this. These are sneaky things which might not be blatantly obvious to you.


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  • Other people’s judgments {12:46}
  • Your inner critic {16:48}
  • Stopping when it gets hard {20:26}
  • Not having all of the answers {20:54}



  • “I want you to know that awareness is the start of changing how you believe, how much you believe in yourself, being aware when you’re compromising and settling for less, and then asking yourself, actually what do I want, and what am I going to choose for me? That is the star of tipping the balance.”
  • “So actually I know that when I hear those things come up, that is an opportunity for me to alchemize them and turn them into fuel and energy for this thing that I actually want to create and these are the tools, this is how we do this.”


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Faith + Action = Miracles

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