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Is it ok to continue selling in the midst of a global pandemic?

Spoiler alert: It is


What we’re experiencing across the globe right now is unprecedented. It’s huge, and it affects every person on the planet. It also affects us all DIFFERENTLY – so if you’re dealing with things in a different way to those around you, I want you to know that is more than okay. 


The other thing to remember is that this was not planned for. None of us were prepared for this – and as entrepreneurs, we like to be prepared. We want to feel like we’ve got our shizzle together, so if you’re feeling a little bit out of control at the minute, that is more than okay too. In fact, it’s totally understandable.


Maybe you’re throwing yourself into your work to find a welcome break from the headlines, or from your family that you’re now forced to spend 24 hrs a day with.


Or maybe… you’ve stopped selling altogether.


Maybe you’re lucky enough to take a month, two months, three months out and not have to worry about money coming in. Maybe you can afford yourself time to just take stock to observe what is going on in the world, spend more time with your families and tune into what the world might look like once we’re out the other side of all this. 


And if this is you – good for you. I absolutely encourage you to do all of that.


But for anyone else who is asking themselves “should I be selling right now?” – the answer is unequivocally, undoubtedly YES!


And here’s why…


  1. Your wellbeing


This is your JOB. Your business is not a hobby, or a choice. It is there to help you put food on the table for your family and pay your bills. This is not even just about new clients – ask yourself, are you really going to be able to serve the clients you already have if you’re worried about your livelihood? You have a responsibility to your business and yourself to keep selling in these uncertain times.


  1. Your mission


Babes – your message is worthwhile. You have something important to share, and now more than ever, there are people who need to hear it. If you were to be selling for the sake of selling, pushing products to people who didn’t want or need them – then no, you shouldn’t be selling right now. But that’s not you. You are offering an important service, so make sure you’re aligning your vision and mission with what your dreamboat clients are experiencing at this time – and get out there and sell.


  1. Your opportunity


We’re being asked to step up right now. Put yourself out there. Say, for example, there are parts of your product or service that don’t feel appropriate anymore, but you know you still have value to give. Taking a backseat is not the answer. Keep your head in the game, really take time to tune into your dreamboat client and figure out how best you can serve them at this moment in time. Adapt – not just to survive, but to thrive.  And if you can’t find the answers yourself – just ask them! Success in sales is about having the right package, for the right person, at the right time. 


So there you have it – you should absolutely be selling right now – you’re an entrepreneur after all. 


I hope this helps you feel empowered to do what you do best, and if you want more on this subject you should check out The Limitless Life Experience Podcast episode here.


Happy selling, my loves, and remember Faith + Action = Miracles

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