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I bet you’re wondering how I managed to fit 10 strategies into a 17 minute podcast? Well, the answer is: they’re all incredibly simple.


I think sometimes we try and play it safe with group work – because in a way, there’s always somewhere to hide. The pressure seems to be ever so slightly less than with one to one work. But one to one is where I started out, it’s higher ticket and can be incredibly rewarding.


In this podcast I give you 10 simple ways that you can secure one to one clients with ease. Why not commit to doing just 3 of these in the next 78 hours and see what happens for you?




  • Who IS your dreamboat client? {7:38}
  • Speak your requirements {9:13}
  • Be direct {10:58}
  • Post your availability on Instagram {11:06}
  • Post your availability on Facebook {12:04}
  • Post your availability on Linked In {12:04}
  • Offer free coaching calls {13:31}
  • Go live {14:55}
  • Go live on Instagram {15:09}
  • Do an IGTV {15:14}




  • “I have a theory about this and my theory is that it’s a confidence thing. I think people want to do e-courses and group programs first because you can kind of, there’s a place for you to hide.”
  • “You can set up research calls, you can set up clarity calls, you can set up complimentary coaching. I’ve done all of those before, and probably what is the easiest and the least time consuming is just to be asking the question consistently.”


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