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Having just arrived back in the UK, despite having advice that we should stay in Mexico, and after previously staying in Mexico, against advice that we should return to the UK… I really got to thinking about the importance of trusting your gut feelings and not doing what everybody else is telling you to do.


I can think of many times in my life and business when I’ve made decisions like this, and done things I was told I shouldn’t. And it’s paid off. Every. Single. Time.


So this episode is dedicated to trusting the nudges. Maybe it will help you tune into your intuition and make a decision that’s been playing on your mind.




  • Doing the opposite {5:09}
  • Not making decisions out of fear {7:23}
  • Feeling the pull and acting on it {12:59}




  • “Most of the time when people are telling me that I need to act in a certain way when I am feeling pulled in another direction, that other direction has very rarely – if ever – I can’t think of a time that that pull has ever been incorrect.”
  • “That’s just my style… not to go and work with the coaches that everyone else is working with, because I want a different perspective. I want different insights. I want different strategies. And that comes from not doing what everyone else is doing all of the time.”
  • “Take it upon yourself and trust the fact that if you are getting the nudge, you are supposed to take action on that knowledge.”
  • “When you have the courage to go against what everyone else is doing, on the other side of that discomfort are your biggest and greatest rewards.”


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