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Without a doubt, one of the biggest contributing factors that has led to my most successful year yet is the investments I have made to my personal and professional growth. In this episode I’m going to take you through the thought process behind investments and how I decide whether to say yes to high ticket offers.




  • The thought process {4:45}
  • Busting a myth {7:31}
  • Committing to yourself {09:51}
  • The value {14:28}
  • Return on investment {16:49}
  • The energy underneath the numbers {20:52}




  • “When somebody is not motivated, when somebody doesn’t have the desire to really make a change, to really step into something, it’s because they value where they are more than they value the transformation that is possible if they continue to show up for themselves.”
  • “It’s about putting the numbers aside and asking myself if money were no object, would I want to be in this space with these specific people, or would I be happy, just as happy being in a different space with different people? And this is where the power of relationship comes in when it comes to building your business, because the more you are able to build relationships with your dreamboat clients prior to you having a sales conversation, the better when you are at delivering and a unique solution to their problem.”


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