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The 3 things that help me decide whether to invest in a high ticket offer

As you may know, I am on track to hit 7 figures this year. Somehow, during 2020, the year where we had a global pandemic come out of nowhere… I’ll have managed to make more than double what I did last year.


Want to know how I did it?


Without a doubt, one of the biggest contributing factors that has led to my most successful year yet is the investments I have made to my personal and professional growth.


Last year, I spent in excess of £120,000 on different coaching packages.


Now, that number sounds insane, right? And that wasn’t easy for me. Before I headed to the checkout, I had sweaty palms, I felt sick… It certainly wasn’t a case of ‘yep – just let me grab my cheque book!’.


I remember when I went to spend £30,000 on Natalie MacNeil’s mastermind on Necker Island. I was SO worried about what Jerome was going to say when he found out I’d spent even more money. 


And the reason that I found those decisions difficult is because it was a stretch for me financially. And the reality is that when it’s a stretch for me financially, it’s a stretch for my whole family. There’s no backup plan. There’s no plan B. There’s no money coming in from any other source. So if I mess up, and I don’t step up for myself, everything crumbles.


But it is precisely spending that money that has allowed my expansion. 


Why? Because I made that commitment to myself. It really is important to say that when you invest in something like that… the level of commitment that you’re making isn’t to the program, it’s isn’t to the coach, it’s to yourself. And when you are making that level of commitment to yourself, and you are saying categorically, it is a nonnegotiable that this is not a success for me… You immediately start to view yourself differently. You immediately start to show up in your business differently. You immediately start to work with your clients differently based on the fact that you have become the type of person who is really ready to go all in on themselves.


So as much as I thought it was important to share that making these types of decisions is never easy, I also thought it would be useful to tell you 3 things that I (and I think anyone else…) considers when deciding whether to invest in a high ticket offer…


…as it might help you decide when to invest, AND might help you better serve your clients when they are considering investing in you.


Let’s do this thing:


  • Value


The first thing is the value. Being able to see the value to me in the present moment, and being able to see the value to me over time. The value in the present moment is… how much does this mean to me right now? When somebody is not motivated, when somebody doesn’t have the desire to really make a change, to really step into something, it’s because they value where they are now more than they value the transformation that is possible if they continue to show up for themselves. And in order to present the value to your clients, there are a whole range of different questions that you can ask to guide them to find out whether they can’t see the value on a surface level, or whether they are actually not deeply connected to the transformation. By asking the right questions and being able to guide somebody into deeper self-inquiry, you’re able to get them to see whether they are a perfect match for what you can offer them at all.


  • Return on investment


The second thing is return on investment. So are you able to explain how somebody is going to get a return on investment on the money that they spend with you. It’s because of this element that many people say, unless you’re a business coach, you can’t earn good money. And that isn’t true. You still need to be able to put a value on the transformation that you are coaching. So for example, if you are a relationship coach and somebody is coming to you on the brink of divorce. How much is it worth to that part in order to be able to save their marriage? For some people, it wouldn’t be enough, and they would decide that actually they feel better about separating. But for the person who still deeply loves their partner, but has grown apart and really wants to find their way back, they might say that the transformation you can offer is priceless. So through your content, through your questioning, you need to be able to determine how much the transformation is worth to the person before you speak to them.


  1. Energy


Finally, I consider the energy underneath the numbers. What do I mean by that? It’s about putting the numbers aside and asking myself if money were no object, would I want to be in this space, with these specific people, or would I be happy, just as happy being in a different space with different people. And this is where the power of relationship comes in when it comes to building your business, because the more you are able to build relationships with your dreamboat clients prior to you having a sales conversation, the better when you are at delivering a unique solution to their problem. For me, this piece is really, really important. Like energetically, do I jive with this specific person? Do I feel bonded to this specific person? Even if I haven’t known them for years, even if I’ve just been through a five day challenge, even if I’ve just had a masterclass… energetically, do I feel that we are a match? If you are vibing on the same frequency, then it’s usually a yes. 


And there you have it… the 3 things that I consider when deciding whether to invest in someone’s high ticket offer. And the 3 things your clients are probably asking themselves when they are deciding whether to invest in you. Am I going to get my money back from this? How quickly am I going to get their money back from this? And is the person an energetic match for me? 


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