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Well hey gorgeous ones. If you know me through Facebook or Instagram then this episode might seem like a bit of a curveball, but what is life without a few of those ?!


I’m diving into whether you can build a successful, impactful business without using social media. Spoiler alert, you totes can.


Thing is, do you want to? And if you do, what two fundamental things do you need to remember (hint: you also need to remember them ON social media as well)


Jump in and listen to me talking all things from old school direct mail to Google ads.






  • [01:46] Can you build a business without social media?
  • [05:05] Mandatory fundamentals to have in place
  • [09:13] Channels breakdown
  • [13:47] Safeguarding against the collapse of social media platforms




  • “The idea that you have to do anything in a very specific and prescriptive way in order for you to see success is just not true.”
  • “The reason that PR is powerful is that you are benefiting from the halo effect and the authority and credibility that comes with being associated with another established brand.”
  • “Every single follower that a person has on social media already, you should absolutely be focused on ensuring that those people end up on your e-mail list.”
  • “You do need to make sure that the people that you are networking with are either your audience or have access to your audience. Otherwise, not a good use of your time.”


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