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4 steps to identify your next area for growth…

…so you can align your business with life you want


I think we all have those moments in time where we don’t know where to go next. And sometimes it’s because things aren’t going as we expected they would, and we don’t know how to manage it, but other times it’s because actually – things are going really freaking well and we just can’t decide what our next move should be. 


The truth is – when you’re so emotionally invested in your business, it can be hard to make decisions, because you really care about the outcome, right? 


But if you imagined your friend being in a similar position, I’d bet you wouldn’t hesitate to give them some great advice. So it all comes down to getting clarity on things, which sometimes means introducing an element of surrender. 


I want to talk to you today about how I’ve been able to make decisions in my business that have been perfectly in alignment with my wants and needs. This is what’s led my business to grow and allowed me to create a life I’ve always dreamed of.


I’ve created a 4 step process to help you identify your next area for growth, and it’s all based upon bridging the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. 


Let’s do this:


  • Stop over-complicating things


I’ve spoken before about the need to simply but if there’s anywhere where this is relevant – it’s here. If you find yourself backwards and forwards on any decision, not just business, but any decision in your life, I can guarantee that you are over complicating. Life is supposed to be simple. And any decision that you make is going to be the right decision. Yes, really! Any choice that you make is either going to accelerate the speed at which you achieve your desires, or slow down the speed at which you achieve your desires. And even if you pick the decision that slows you down – that’s okay. You learnt your lesson, and you move on. Even if you make the wrong decision 10 times, you’re still being guided towards the right one.


  • Tune in with yourself


Make time to get quiet and really listen to your desires. Make it consistent. I make it a weekly practice to sit with my goals and consider whether I am in alignment or not. I check in to see if I’m going in the right direction. My preferred way to do this is through journaling, but find something that works for you and commit to it every week. Ask yourself what you really, deeply want. Give your imagination permission to run wild. Make sure you are connecting to your desires and no one else’s. Get specific, for example: if you’re thinking about what sort of income you want to call in, think about exactly where you will spend that money. Really visualise your dream life and business.


  • Bridge the gap


Then it’s time to bridge the gap. I want you to look at where you are now in relation to where you want to be. How far away are you on the business front from ticking all of the boxes? Are you super close? Is it just tweaks or is it something radical that needs to happen in order for you to make the step from where you are now to where it is that you are expanding into? This will help you with the final, most important step.


  • Decide next steps



The points above should help you identify where you need to make changes in order to grow. If you want more free time, do you need to hire, or are you willing to sacrifice some of your income, because actually that free time is more important to you than the money? If you want more money, do you need to create a source of passive income, or do you need to increase your rates? This will be completely different for everyone as everyone has different values. Only YOU know what the business of your dreams looks like, so only you can make the right move – but allowing yourself the time to really nut out specific action steps will help you get clarity on how you can achieve it.


I hope this helps, my loves – and drop me a message if this has given you something to think about! I love hearing from you.


If you want to check out Episode 55 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, where I talk some more on this process – you can do that here.


All the love,




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