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  • 1:54 Now, what feels scary is that often going all in on one area is gonna mean like letting go of something else. That definitely will be scary to many people. And what else feels scary about going all in? list everything that comes up for you until you’re like I’m complete. And so the question is, is, are you willing to do it anyway?
  • 4:14 Now if you don’t want to break through, just miss it. Stop wasting your time listening to this podcast, and go and listen to another one on having a big vision or something like that. Because having a breakthrough requires action.
  • 2:37 However, for most people, most of the time, the answer is no. I’m looking at all those fears. I’m looking at all of the things I’m scared of. And I’m not doing it. I’m sorry, I’m backing away, step away from the edge.
  • “If you weren’t holding back, what would going all in look like?”
  • “Having a breakthrough requires action.”
  • “When you think about the area in which you’re looking for a breakthrough, where are you not going all in?”

When You’re Worried About Your Business

Well hello and good day to YOU my lovely one.

Are you looking for a breakthrough? I LOVE a breakthrough, uncomfortable but fun – much like very high shoes.

The thing is, you may say you want a one but often aren’t acting in a way to allow it. Yeah I see you!

There are a few things I have to say about this as you can imagine. Tune in for some excellent advice and strategy from yours truly.

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