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04:19 Do I feel safe right now when I talk about my goals, my dreams and my desires? Do I feel safe? Am I allowed? Does my body feel okay with this next level expansion that I am giving myself permission to just dream about right now. When I say intrinsic wealth, I’m talking about our feelings and emotions like what is going on on the inside

08:03 if our leverageable wealth is lower than what we would desire that impacts our intrinsic wealth, and our experiential wealth

10:08 And it is my belief that it is only when you focus on all three areas that you are truly wealthy, it’s when you can love your experience of life, appreciate who you are, and then have the leverageable wealth to actually create an impact that goes beyond you


“It’s safe for you to feel angry, it’s safe for you to feel bad, it’s safe for you to feel rage, it’s safe for you to feel low, all of those emotions are not going to harm you”

“Having access to leverageable wealth, and being able to generate that yourself makes a huge difference”

“Being able to choose what it is that you want to do. That is true wealth”

What Is 3 Dimensional Wealth?

Oh hey hey gorgeous

What we’re talking about this week is three dimensional wealth.

And I want to talk to you about why this perspective is so important to get your head around, and what many people get tangled up, which stops them from really experiencing wealth the way that it is.

When I talk about the three dimensions or three dimensional wealth, I am talking about first of all intrinsic wealth. And for me what I mean when I say that is the feeling of safety in your body, it is the knowing that you are going to be okay..for the other 2 you’ll have to listen in!

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