Before strategy comes mindset.

What do I mean by that?

All the stuff about kicking fear in the face. You know, feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Staying in your own lane – killing comparisonitus. Staying centred, getting clear on what it is you want.

All good stuff, but in between knowing what it is you want and the strategy part i.e. doing what you have to do to go out and get it, is being ready for it.

So the question is are you ready?

Because if you’re not, you can bet your last pound that if you do manage to claw your way to whatever it is you desire, once you are there you’ve got a good chance of having your very own Amy Winehouse moment and royally fucking it up.

In therapy we call it secondary gain. So we look for conscious or subconscious reasons a person may want to stay stuck in the pattern they are paying you a handsome sum to get them out of.

For example:
The overweight person, who had to fend off unwanted attention when she was a young girl who is still stuck in the place in of, ‘if I get thin, something bad is going to happen.’

Or the woman who wants great success in her business, but fears that it will take her away from her children and family.

If underlying your desire for success is the fear that something bad is going to happen, or you will be unable, or not want to deal with a certain consequence of attaining your goal, guess what you’re going to do? Sabotage yourself at every opportunity, not show up and do the work, or equally as bad push yourself through the blood, sweat and tears barrier to get there only to mess up your success once you reach the top.

So how do you know when you are ready?

  • When you think about your desired outcomes, both positive and ‘negative’ does your goal feel like something you can take in your stride?
  • Can you imagine and feel your success and the solutions you may need to employ to help you remain centred and enjoying what you do, so it feels exciting and invigorating?
  • Does it feel like your natural next step?


Then you’re ready and it’s time to do THE WORK.

If not, then you have more mindset work to do.

In order to be ready for your desires, there has to be no angst, no doubt, no wishing…you have reached a point where you know what it is you want is a forgone conclusion and although you might not know when it’s going to happen or how you’re going to get there, your dreams and desires feel as though they are already yours.
The magic happens when the faith, the belief and the knowing THEN meets the strategy and the action.

The rules are the same whether you want to create massive impact across the world or in your  own particular pocket.

Mindset plus action = good times.

Are you ready?

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