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The Best Christmas Present!

Merry Christmas!!!!

I am wishing you a fantastically wonderful time with your loved ones and families today. In case you are wondering, I got super organised and wrote this a couple of weeks ahead on one of my content creation days. Tara my old VA if she’s reading this, will literally be peeing her pants.

But this is the new me you see. I’m doing the things I need to do to allow me to operate from the bigger vision I have for myself and being more organised is a major part of that. It’s definitely a work in progress but I’ve set the intention. I’m telling you for accountability and already it feels great knowing I had this teed up a while ago.

So what’s my message today? Well, I want to share with you the gift I’ve been talking about giving to myself for a LONG time.

It’s one of the personal measures of success that I have and it’s the gift of Presence.

As someone who has a job that requires me to be in front of my laptop for a lot of my time (and always checking my phone when I’m not), I’ve been aware for a long time that often I lack presence when it comes to my family.

Being aware of this doesn’t make it easier to change the ingrained habits that I have built up around constant multitasking and always thinking about the next thing, when actually I really want to be present and focused on the now. I understand the concept that Eckhart Tolle and many before him have made famous about the Power of Now and being present, but I’ve always found it difficult. Most recently I’ve had the fantastic excuse of building my business to justify constant distraction. But here’s the deal, now that Jerome is home with the family the dynamic has already changed, and when the kids want a drink or snack they go to him. While part of me is like ‘yes! Get in there!’, there is another part of me that thinks ‘I’m their mum’ and I don’t want to lose that intimacy just because I’m not looking after all of the details in the day to day running of the family.

And so being present feels more important than ever.

Showing my kids that by being able to give my undivided attention and focus to work while they are at school and nursery, means that by the time they come home I can give them 100% of my attention.

I think that’s the best Christmas present I can give to myself and them this year. 

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