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Moving through Resistance with Vulnerability

As service based professionals we deal with people in real life, as opposed to being able to hide behind a computer screen; unable to press the automation button, we have to sell ourselves and show ourselves. (View the vlog here!)

This for many people is one of the hardest things we have to do. Many times during our lives we may have been told / conditioned to believe that we are not quite good enough, we need to temper our behaviour, quieten our voice. The way this plays out in our businesses is that we play small when it comes to sharing ourselves with the world, thereby diluting our message. We begin to measure ourselves by how much we fit in, how similar we look and sound to the people who are making it, emulating them in order to be liked.

The problem with that is the voice we were born with, the light inside of us, doesn’t ever go away.

Sometimes it shouts really fucking loudly and other times it whimpers in the corner, gently but persistently letting us know that we were made for more, we are not being true to our calling. Essentially saying ‘I won’t let you forget about me’.

We pretend we can’t hear it, we pretend we don’t know what to do, what to say, and we try to block it out. So the infinite intelligent life source we are finds new ways to get our attention – illness, feeling off, demotivation, fucked off, moody. They are all manifestations of our inner light, our voice, saying wake the fuck up, STOP doing what you’re doing because this isn’t you. We’re repeatedly told to push on through, fuck resistance, act as if…. but we can’t. Not for any sustained period of time anyway, and for the small percentage of people who are able to, the success they realise feels hollow, because it’s not their success.

So what do you do?

Get honest.

If you’re resisting doing what needs to be done in your life and business is it because you are up-levelling and your mind is having a little freak out because you have never attempted to do what it is you’re doing? Hint: this type of resistance draws a fine line between excitement and being shit scared. Part of you is excited to see what might happen when you take the next step.

If your resistance has you feeling lethargic, not wanting to get out of bed, completely hide away, then strip it back. Ask yourself if you could be doing anything in the world right now, you had enough money in the bank and you couldn’t fail, how would you want to be showing up in the world?

Who would you want to be helping?

What would you want to say to them?

When you answer these questions we’re not looking for perfectly crafted soundbites and tag lines. I’m just asking you to get real. What would you want to be saying?

Here’s the deal.

You’re not necessarily going to step into that immediately, perhaps you will never step into it fully in the sense of creating a whole business around it. However, understanding how you can incorporate that message into something that you do – your side hustle – is pretty much a matter of life and death. It’s the difference between really acknowledging who you are and celebrating that, sharing that in your corner of the world and masking the constant internal battle that you have with yourself and who it is you so yearn to be. It’s time to just Do You.

Say after me:

I am enough.

I am important.

I can make a difference.

The magic is in my message.

I am enough.

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